The Way We Love: Hope + Grace Fly

Photographer David Cortes

Their similarities match their differences in pairs. The bond between twins especially identicalhas always been a faraway, untouchable subject shrouded in mystery. Sharing your mannerisms and characteristics, let alone a face and body goes well beyond the uncanny. But LA-based Hope and Grace Fly are the coolest thing to happen to twins since like…ever, distinguishable to the naked eye only by their very many and very different tattoos. Exploring love from all its angles, we wanted to get inside the mind(s) of our favorite new pair.

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Who is older and by how much?

Grace: “Hope is older by one minute.”


What is your funniest childhood memory of your sibling?

Grace: “I remember being in first grade, you were sitting naked on the floor because you had just gotten out of the shower and you farted. When you stood up we both realized you had also shit on the floor. Priceless.”

Hope: “Mine is more of a funny memory that I did to Grace. When we were in kindergarten, I remember being really scared of the automatic flushing toilets, so I would ask my teacher if I could use the bathroom, and since graces class was right across the hall I would go to her class and would tell her teacher that my teacher needed her and I would make her come to the bathroom with me to put her hand over the sensor on the toilet so it wouldn’t flush on me.”


What three words would you use to describe your love/relationship?

“Dependent, peculiar, caring.”

The Way We Love: Hope + Grace Fly 1

What’s your favorite tattoo on the other person?

Grace: “Skull-spider on your arm.”


Hope: “Reaper on your stomach.”

What’s something your sibling does that annoys the hell out of you, but you love them anyway?

Grace: “How you are so particular on time and always telling me to hurry up and that we’re going to be late, when we usually end up getting there early.”


Hope: “Whenever I get a new item of clothing you always wear it before I get the chance to.”


What piece of clothing/outfit do you love that your sibling wears?

Grace: “I like your black cowboy boots a lot.”


Hope: “My favorite outfit of yours is the black cut-off hoodie with the gray mom jeans with holes and Docs.”

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Do you influence each other’s style?

Hope: “Yeah, usually we try and correspond our outfits together; we dress similarly but not identical. Grace has a better eye for style and matching, so she usually has to help me pick out outfits because there have been several times where I do not match at all before going out.”


What is the hardest situation your relationship has had to overcome, and how did you beat it?

Hope: “Probably the roughest time was in high school when Grace was going through a long period of drug use and then her going to rehab for a month. That was the longest time we had ever spent apart from each other. We overcame it by having a mutual understanding that in order for her to recover we had to be apart but still show support.”


What is the most common thing you fight about?

Hope: “Clothing and food. Since we share clothes, it’s a very common occurrence that we come out of our rooms wearing the same thing so one of us has to change, obviously. If we’re going out to eat, we can also never decide where to goit’s always either of us wanting something totally opposite than the other.”

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How has your relationship changed? Talk about the evolution and stages, if you can break it down.

Hope: “The only major change was that we grew apart during high school and started getting close again in college and have maintained that close relationship to where we are now. You can usually find us out and about doing things together.”

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