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Photographer Self-Portraits by Kate + Odie

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Kate and Odie have that “something” about them; a funnylike laugh out loud funnyway of being themselves as only two who share a deep sense of humor rooted in an even deeper love for one another can. The self-proclaimed stay-at-home model and film-school-dropout-turned-professional-pizza-maker, respectively, spend their days with their hands in a number of creative processes, from photography to walking runways for brands Koché and NPC. Below, we asked the two (and their cat, Cashew) to share the inner workings of their love story.  

The Way We Love: Kate + Odie 3

What did you think of each other the first time you met?

Odie: “That she has a cute accent and that she is weirder, funnier, crazier, and more depressed than I’d thought she’d be.”

Kate: “I really liked how much they laugh at my jokes and how much I wanted to hug them cause their skin looked so soft.”


Describe your first kiss.

Odie: “15-minute make-out session that was ended by security breaking us up by flashing a flashlight in our faces…”

Kate: “…because it like 3 a.m. and the club was closing.”


What smell makes you think of your significant other?

Odie: “Tea tree oil.”

Kate: “Bitch! For you, it would be farts.”


What three words would you use to describe your love/relationship?

Kate: “Loving, hilarious, document-worthy.”

Odie: “Honest, respectful, loving.”


What’s your favorite thing about the other person?

Odie: “Her butt.”

Kate: “How sweet they can be…and their butt.”

The Way We Love: Kate + Odie
The Way We Love: Kate + Odie 1

What’s something your significant other does that annoys the hell out of you, but you love them anyway?

Odie: “Always late, takes too long in the bathroom, and so irritatingly witty and sassy that I want to squeeze her face off.”

Kate: “Never ever does dishes, leaves socks everywhere, and their toenails are too sharp.”


What piece of clothing/outfit do you love that your SO wears?

Kate: “The shirt I gave them for Valentine’s Day that has mine and Cashew’s (our cat’s) face on it and on the back it says ‘pussykiller.’”

Odie: “The tight shirt that she wears without a bra that her friend got her from China that says: “I think we’re gonna be able to out together.’”


Do you influence each other’s style?

Kate: “I got way more [comfortable with my sexuality] but I think it’s because I’m more confident since I’ve been with Odie.”

Odie: “My outfits have become more colorful.”


Do you share a love of any beauty, skincare or wellness products?

Odie: “I love the Weleda Skin Food cream, loofah gloves, and the natural vagina wash she bought from the Czech Republic.”

Kate: “I basically created Odie’s beauty routine; before they met me they only knew deodorant and toothpaste.”


What is the hardest situation your relationship has had to overcome, and how did you beat it?

Kate: “My substance abuse.”

Odie: “My mental illness. We beat it by wanting to get better for ourselves and for each other.”

Kate: “Take notes, Shakespeare.”

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Kate and Odie wear harness and collar by Creepyyeha

Weirdest habit your SO has?

Odie: “Vacuuming our hardwood floor and ordering something every week from Amazon.”

Kate: “Making me touch their stomach to see if their muscles are growing and constantly checking the fridge.”


How has your relationship changed? Talk about the evolution and stages, if you can break it down.

Kate: “I think we’ve stayed the same. We’re not just dating, we’re also friends and we have so much fun together. But we’re more understanding, and we’ve learned how to solve problems that we had fought over in the beginning.”

Odie: “I think also realizing that every time one of us has hurt the other’s feelings, it’s all because of a misunderstanding. We never mean to hurt the other, so we talk about it and fix it with love….and sex.”


We all assume ‘roles’ in relationships—whether we want to or not. They shift over time and can be fluid based on circumstances, but describe what that looks like right now for you two.

Odie: “Kate used to be a sugar mama.”

Kate: “But now I’m broke so…”

Odie: “So now I’m the blue-collar, hard-working husband who comes home smelling like pizza.”

Kate: “And I stay at home to take care of our wrinkly hairless child (cat). But other than that, there are no roles; nobody ‘wears the pants in the relationship.’”

Odie: “We both don’t wear pants.”


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