The Way We Love: Patrick + Adriel Church-Herrera

Photographer Isaac Anthony

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With his heady paintings and ultra-saturated color palette, you can tell that passion is at the forefront of what Patrick Church does. His work – spanning fine arts to fashion and interiors – is free and emotionally provocative, and you can feel that in every thick brush stroke, every face painted, every letter drawn, he loves. At the forefront of this creative chasm is husband Adriel. With their tattoos and love for anything western, the two share an inimitable connection through their life and work. We visited their sun-filled Brooklyn studio and home for a look inside their story.


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What did you think of each other the first time you met?

It was total infatuation from the beginning.


Describe your first kiss.

Three hours of kissing went by in seconds.


What three words would you use to describe your love/relationship?

Devoted, heavenly, limitless.

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Isaac Anthony

What’s your favorite thing about the other person?

There are too many to count.


What’s something your significant other does that annoys the hell out of you, but you love them anyway?

Adriel: When I want to stay in bed all day, but Patrick wakes up so early. But we always balance each other out in the end.


What piece of clothing/outfit do you love that your SO wears?

Patrick: We share everything, I love Adriel in a cowboy hat. Adriel loves me in a dress.

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Do you influence each other’s style?

Adriel: I have always had a strong sense of personal style and I think this has rubbed off on Patrick, I want him to feel free to express himself without judgment.


Do you share a love of any beauty, skincare or wellness products?

Adriel: I am very low maintenance, but love Aesop products,  Patrick is a slave to beauty products!


How has your relationship changed? Talk about the evolution and stages, if you can break it down.

We have both evolved and grown so much together, it’s almost impossible to explain, we just want to continue to be the best versions of ourselves for each other. We think it’s important to challenge each other and continue to work hard for each other.

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