The Wet Issue: Letter From The Editor

Summer, you diaphanous creature, you—you mystify us with your warmth, longer days, extra humidity, and, without a doubt, your deep-lying sentiment of relaxation.


As a born and bred Floridian, warm (sometimes hot) days were a way of life growing up—365 days a year I lived in a sunshine state of mind, carefully architecting my wardrobe and activities to meld with the Florida heat. Now a New Yorker (I can claim this having lived here for 10 years), summer evokes a different emotion. It brings about this easy, carefree feeling that most of us yearn for year-round. It means—whether it’s accurate or not—relaxation, a step back from the hustle, and a chance to just “be.” Nevermind that we should be doing that regularly, but summer is somehow packaged as an excuse to sit lazily by a pool for hours on end, eat the sweet and salty BBQ reserved only for backyard cookouts, and drink rose All. Day. Long. Why? Because it’s summer.


Easy living and carefree style may inspire our psyche, but summer is also a moment to get real about the insecurities and feelings we all face when dropping our jackets in lieu of a bathing suit. Our cover star this month talks openly about facing those fears head-on, and what an “ideal” body really looks like (hint: there isn’t one). We’re also sending photographers out around the country to document the incredibly diverse beach style inherent to different regions—call it an anthropological look at the beauty of America, and how people really summer. Alongside that, we’re exploring the extra-extra mentality of real beauty, and looking at travel through the lens of influencers and editors aplenty.


It’s summertime and the living’s easy, so let’s all make a promise to be a little extra.


Jess Teves

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