It just so happens that Fashion Week coincides with the release of one of 2018’s most anticipated movies: Black Panther. And what better, lusher realm to dive into for style inspiration than Wakanda, the futuristic savanna grasslands the film is set in.

British stylist Matthew Josephs imagined in his new project for Disney, Wakanda Zine, what the street style in this futuristic African landscape would look like. “I thought to myself, ‘What would the cool, underground kids of Wakanda be wearing?’” Josephs told Vogue. “I wanted it to have a punk spirit, like it was thrown together—high and low, traditional and nontraditional.”


David Uzochukwu


Josephs has been a stylist to FKA Twigs and knows how style looks that could be from another planet. For this, he brought together a mostly black group, from writer Charlie Brinkhurst Cuff to 19-year-old photography star David Uzochukwu.

As Vogue noted, it’s mostly black women who possess the power in Wakanda Zine, in spite of the male star Chadwick Boseman taking the spotlight in the film. “I was really inspired by the Dora Milaje, Black Panther’s all-female crew of bodyguards, and I wanted to represent that black feminine strength,” Josephs told Vogue. “Okoye [played by Danai Gurira], is the general of Dora Milaje, and was my absolute favorite character. There’s a fantastic moment with her in a wig that was just amazing, but I don’t want to spoil it for you!”

Wakanda Zine has a strong future as a coveted collector’s item on eBay, considering it will have a limited run at movie theaters and café’s in the U.K. Pick one up while you can! Black Panther hits theaters February 16.

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