‘Thicc’ Mannequins Are Our Future

Just a week after a misguided op-ed was published by The Telegraph decrying Nike’s embrace of “obese” mannequins, Rihanna has also subverted stick-thin plastic models to present her new Fenty capsule.


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The launch for Fenty’s latest last night saw the brand offer bright colors and summer prints in various styles (and one very familiar one), each worn by mannequins of various shapes and sizes—including one apparently modeled after Rihanna’s own figure. Somewhere, a fat-phobic journalist is curled into a ball.

Evidently, the mogul made another creative call designed to ruffle feathers. She released a range of T-shirts emblazoned with “No More Music,” a clear dig at the masses of fans crying out for the long-anticipated new Rihanna album (rumored to be titled R9 — as her ninth full-length project).


What will be next, Rih?

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