How to Transform Thin Hair Into A Luscious Mane

Contrary to popular belief, having thin fine hair doesn’t have to be a burden. Yes, we all want thick, luscious locks that could make a Kardashian eye you with envy, but unfortunately we don’t all have access to A-list hairstylists or extensions made out of the finest human hair. But, for those with thin hair, there are ways to fake it ‘till you make it—especially with one of the oldest tricks in the styling books.


Forget diamonds, because layers are a girl’s best friend. The layered hairstyle gives not only the illusion of length, but of volume and thickness. It’s one of the most popular cuts for girls with ultra fine hair for a reason, and that’s because this style truly gets the job done. With the right styling, a layered cut can transform flat and thin hair into a mane of voluminous tresses.


Although the origins of this now famous cut is unknown, we can only imagine that this cut became a household style during the 1970s blow-up of the “feathered” look. Long and full hair with wispy ends were the norm, paired with bombshell curls à la Farrah Fawcett. It was even a popular style among men in the 70s and 80s, with heartthrobs like Rob Lowe and John Travolta giving the feathered layered look a try.


While the style may have faded away for our male counterparts, the layered look has stayed strong throughout the decades in women’s hair styling. It’s a technique that those of us with thin hair have seen time and time again, yet still has a fresh vibe to it every time we see it. It’s edgy (literally) and it’s extremely versatile in style. This look is the shape-shifter of hairstyles—you can effortlessly shape and contort your layered locks in any style you find fitting for your day, and we guarantee it will still have a photo-ready voluminous look all day long.


Layering Tips for Fine Hair


One of the most classic layered looks is the straightened style, but for fine and thin hair, we’re recommending to switch things up. Keeping them pin-straight will only give your thin tresses a flat and worn-down look, so be daring and pump up the volume with a more contemporary layered hair style.  


“Minimal layering is key,” celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas recommends. “The use of round layers or graduation is best, to build in volume.”


Dueñas also suggests that fine hair should drift away from extra-long hairstyles. “Too long is counterproductive to gaining maximum volume,” he explains. “So having shoulder length hair can be your best choice!”


Layered Hairstyles for Thin Hair


Now, it’s time to hit the refresh button on your fine, thin hair and give it some TLC with a new-and-improved styling routine. Incorporating the right products and styling accessories to your thin locks can transform them into thicker, fuller-looking strands. It’s not magic, just really good hair styling. Yeah, it’s really as simple as that.


From updos to blow-outs and everything in between, we’re giving you all of the info you need for a bodacious bod—for your hair, that is. To give your thin strands the boost they’ve been waiting for, we found some of the best layered haircuts for fine thin hair of all time. So, stomp out flat hair and borderline baldness for good by giving some of our favorite layered hairstyles for fine hair a try.


Want to up the ante on your thin hair? Then give some of these playful layered haircuts a try.


Grunge Layers


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For a more alternative approach, try out these rockin’ layers. They give off a wild, rock n’ roll vibe that will turn up the volume on your fine thin hair almost instantly. This slightly choppy layered look has been a favorite of rock goddesses like Courtney Love for its exaggerated and messy attitude. This cut fitting for all of the adventurous, wild hearts who want to make a full-on statement anywhere they go.


To maintain your wild locks, Dueñas says that hydration is key. “The more hydrated your hair is, the more lift and control you will have,” he says. “It will retain heat from styling products better and for a longer period.”



Hydrating Mask



To pump your strands with some much-needed hydration, you should use a  moisturizing mask whenever you wash it. Our favorite pick: the VERB Hydrating Mask.


Curled Feathered Layers


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Create an homage to Farrah Fawcett in the most iconic way possible: with your hair. Here feathered layered curls were basically the envy of every woman in the 1970’s, and we think this style is in major need of a comeback. Just simply grab some rollers and pop them onto your your layered shoulder-length locks, and you’ll have a lion’s mane of big and bold curls.



Velvet Headband, Size One Size - Blue



For this look, create a nod to the styles of yesteryear with some vibrant accessories. To stay on par with the 1970’s vibe, try something bold, chunky, and vibrant in hue. This velvet headband from Tasha will do just the trick to calling in a funky vibe for your locks.


Layered Pixie


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We know, the last thing you want to do with your fine hair is go shorter. But trust us — you can’t go wrong with a layered pixie cut. Giving your fine strands the big chop will not only make them easier to maintain, but a layered pixie will also give your hair a fuller style with more body. Also, it’s so much easier to maintain than long hair.



Clean Volume Weightless Mousse



If your thin strands are looking a little flat, then Dueñas recommends using a volumizing or texturizing mousse when your hair is still wet to give it some lift. Our top pick is the Pureology Clean Volume Weightless Mousse. Just a bit of this volumizing mousse will make your pixie cut reach new levels of sexy and messy all day long.


Layered Blow Out


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The blow out is a classic for a reason. It’s a reliable style that’s easy to create, and leaves you with the ultimate volume you’ve been craving. A blow out hairstyle is also extremely versatile, especially since you can create it on any length or type of hair.



Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray, 175ml - Colorless



You don’t need to head to the salon to create a blown out hairstyle. Just simply grab your favorite round bristle brush and your hair dryer, and get to styling! But, fine locks beware, because heated tools are known to cause major damage — especially when left unprotected. Guard your delicate tresses by using a heat protectant spray before you reach for the blow dryer. Our favorite one is the Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray.


Layered Ponytail


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While we love letting our hair down, sometimes we need to opt for the simpler, more reliable hairstyles. That’s where the layered ponytail comes in: it’s extremely easy to style, and it gives your hair a voluminous, effortlessly chic vibe. When done the right way, a layered ponytail can look naturally thick and awe-inducing within a mere 5 minutes of styling. Need we say more?



Trophy Shine + Texture Spray



The trick to giving your layered ponytail some volume is by teasing it with a texturizing spray. One of our faves is the fan-favorite R+Co Trophy Shine & Texture Spray for its crunch-free formula that builds volume while adding a velvety, healthy sheen for an editorial-ready finish.


Layered Lob


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If you’re just not ready to dedicate yourself to a pixie cut, but definitely want to go shorter, than a layered lob is the fitting style for you. A layered lob has a bold look, yet still has some feminine length that can be played around with. You can pair your lob with a bohemian-inspired fringe bang, or go for a sleek and dramatic middle part.



Dry Shampoo



If you want to keep your lobbed look fresh and grease-free during those no-shower days, then you’re obviously going to need a refreshing dry shampoo. Cue in the Ouai Haircare Dry Shampoo: this hair care essential will awaken your strands while sucking away all of the excess grease and oil that’s weighing them down, leaving your hair soft and clean without any gross residue or greasy feel.

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