Bet You Didn’t See This Collaboration Coming

There are many things one might never expect to work well together that somehow turned out just right: peanut butter and jelly, Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Manson, and now, Dickies, Timberland, and Opening Ceremony. 


If you’re familiar with the brand, you will know that Timberland boots have been long-since co-opted from their outdoorsy roots to become one of the key status symbols. Dickies, alternatively—sans their appearance on the Met Gala red carpet via Kanye West’s disregard for the rules of celebrity—have been the staple of just one community: skaters. If you need a succinct explanation of the degree to which Dickies has pervaded skate culture, the creator of meme account @TinyHat_SkateLife told COOLS, “[Dickies] are timeless and will never go away…Double-cuffed black dickies with the navy slip-on Vans. The most basic of all basic.” There you have it. 


Bet You Didn't See This Collaboration Coming 9


And while a collaboration between Dickies and Timberland might be as unlikely as Supreme and the Holy Bible, it has certainly produced some pretty exciting pieces. Married and stocked by Opening Ceremony, the collection features Dickies-branded Timberland field boots in various colors (no doubt the pink-hued pair are set to sell out before you can say “clout”), as well as the kind of loose-fitting “work” co-ords that have made Dickies a go-to. 


Needless to say, there’s no questioning the pull of both brands will have over the young and restless consumer in their joint venture—prepare to see seasonally-inappropriate donning of hiking boots en masse in a metropolitan center near you. Check out the full collection below, and in the words of Kanye West: “This Dickies.”




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