Sleep is so important. This seems like stating the incredibly obvious, but it can’t be overestimated. The difference between my state of mind on a day where I’ve gotten less than six hours versus a day where I got 7+ is impressively palpable. It’s often the difference between letting stressful situations overwhelm me versus being able to rationally process things.

I was reading Refinery29’s piece on how to get more energy when you feel beat all the time. A lot of my fatigue is likely a growing case of informal Seasonal Affective Disorder (a gal can only take so many cloudy days) and everyone and their friends being sick right now. I’ve been ingesting as much Emergen-C as I can, but the best thing to regain energy is the obvious: get your beauty rest.

Fatigue can be a symptom of other health issues, but often it’s just that, a lack of sleep. Now, to use startup parlance, how can we disrupt our sleep routine to ensure we not only get the recommended amount of sleep but high-quality sleep too? Read on.

A cup of tea — Keri Glassman, dietician and the founder of Nutritious Life, told Vogue that a cup of herbal tea containing chamomile can calm the nervous system and aid digestion. Sakara’s Sleep Tea comes highly recommended and contains kava and valerian. WelleCo’s fortified calming tea also contains valerian, as well as passionflower, hops and skullcap.

Journal! — I think a lot of what keeps us up at night — and what keeps all those YouTube ASMR folks in business — is that we’re more anxious than we’ve ever been. I think one way to not only sort out some of those thoughts but also have the dual benefit of keeping you away from bright screens, is journaling before bed.

Workout in the morning — There are more than a few benefits to working out in the morning, from increased productivity throughout your day to better sleep. Researchers from Brigham Young University found that people who workout in the AM tend to eat less during the day.

Beautiful bed; simple sheets — The key ingredient of a heavenly sleep? Plush, hotel-quality bedding — the sort of 200-thread count sheets and cushy pillows that make the money you spend worth it each night.

Aromatherapy — With Instagram to scroll through and Netflix shows to watch, it feels impossible sometimes to truly chill out enough to fall asleep. Many nights, I find myself sleepy yet somehow just mentally awake enough to not sleep. Establishing a routine to help you relax before bed is crucial — aside from your nightly cup of tea (or glass of wine), rubbing a few dabs of lavender essential oil will also put you in the right sleepy mood.

Make sleep a priority — Most importantly and most obviously, get enough sleep! This New York Times piece on “How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep” has, along with a lot of useful tips, a daily recommended amount of sleep according to age. Check your recommendations here.



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