Transgender Americans Are Mobilizing Against Trump

Millions of transgender Americans have a singular message for Donald Trump: #WontBeErased. The hashtag started trending on Twitter after the New York Times’ released a memo from the Trump administration that aims to dismantle Title IX. The civil rights law currently prevents gender discrimination within public education programs that receive government financial aid.

The Trump administration wants to amend Title IX so that it only acknowledges and serves men or women, denying millions of transgender Americans any of the rights the law should provide them. As simple as Trump’s amendments may seem, the changes would be wide-reaching, impacting every corner of the educational experience: team sports, bathrooms, financial assistance, standardized testing, and more. Naturally, transgender Americans and activists have taken to social media to voice their concerns since the Times released it’s investigation on Sunday.

Another argument that has emerged from the rubble of this mess is the consideration of intersex people, or people who do not exemplify solely male or female genetic traits at birth. These people would be subject to “genetic testing” under the Trump bill, which essentially robs these individuals of making any choices about their gender identity later in life.

On Sunday, a rally filled Washington Square Park in New York City. Protestors gathered under the park’s giant arch in solidarity to protest against Trump’s attempted erasure. And on Monday, a rally surrounded the White House to protest the Title IX amendments.

Photo(s): Getty Images, Twitter

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