Uber released its 2017 list of the NYC spots its riders were most requesting — and the results were a little unexpected. Turns out Uber’s users also like to frequent popular celebrity hangouts?

The top club mentioned on the list was 1 Oak, that storied celebrity hangout where Leo and his “Pu**y Posse” hang out, Lindsay Lohan loses $75,000 worth of fur, and the Kardashians frequent when they’re in town. Apparently, a lot of Uber riders are wanting to be a part of the action. Catch, a New York favorite for seafood and, again, celebrity spotting was the top restaurant named. According to Uber’s post, Catch’s appeal lies in its “elegant rooftop space offering al fresco dining.”

Other destinations on the list made a little more sense — Times Square was the main landmark and Rockefeller Center was the main attraction. For shopping, people are apparently hoofing it to Queens Center Mall for “upscale names like the Armani Exchange store and the Godiva chocolatier,” which are two very funny, specific names to shout out. That being said, what’s a trip to the mall without a slightly regrettable, 500000000 calorie explosion of icy chocolate decadence at Godiva and some Armani Exchange jeans.

You can read the full post here.


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