Enjoy This Extremely Uncomfortable Margot Robbie, Leo DiCaprio, And Brad Pitt Moment

You know when the friend you’re not that close with wants to put you on their Instagram story, and even though you claimed to be “ready” the minute they hit record, you become extremely awkward in attempt to simultaneously appear hot and fun and genuine? Well, this is a little like that.


Yes, as proved yesterday at the Cannes premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, even people who are paid to be on camera might not particularly enjoy it—and for us mere mortals, their discomfort is our delight. Essentially, at the conclusion of every film premiere, a cameraman is tasked with capturing audience reactions—i.e. the cinema’s front row, which consists of the cast and crew. For the Tarantino’s latest flick, the camera pans between stars Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt, hovering slightly too long and making for very, very difficult viewing.


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It’s the clip that calls for many questions. Why is Dakota Fanning staring into Margot Robbie’s soul? Why does Brad Pitt get such an inordinate amount of screen time, even after he gives the polite “leave me alone now, please” wave? Why, alternatively, is Tarantino’s reaction barely recorded? Why is Leo DiCaprio’s 21-year-old girlfriend the happiest of them all? How has Brad Pitt managed to age like a fine wine in conjunction with such an extremely trying personal life?


We might ever know the answers, but we do have this video to relish for all eternity.

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