The Cut writer Allison P. Davis wrote a beautiful, horny ode to Union Pool aka one of Brooklyn’s finest (read: perfectly grimy) hook-up spots. Because Twitter exists, of course, people had LOTS to say about this, both negative and positive, but I think Davis’ piece not only captured a certain era of Williamsburg but the vibe, in general, of being young and sexual in any city.

Whether or not you agree that Union Pool is, as Davis calls it, the “boyfriend store,” we all have those bars where dark, smoky things have happened that we can’t/don’t want to fully recall the details of. A bonus: This piece also recalls the Hipster Grifter, the story of Kari Ferrell, who got an “I [Heart] Beards” tattoo and scam her way into a job at Vice and the apartments of several men (my hero!). Read the essay in full on The Cut.


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