Meet UOMA: The Beauty Brand That Stays Woke

The beauty industry is in need of an update. Yes, the “Fenty Effect” may have brought us 50+ shade ranges, but let’s be honest: that’s far from enough to compensate for people of all skin tones, especially when the majority of these “inclusive” ranges include 30 varieties of beige.


Enter: UOMA Beauty, the first “Afropolitan” makeup brand that’s shaking up the mainstream perspective of cosmetics. The fledgling company, which was started by ex-LVMH executive Sharon Chuter, features 51 shades of foundation—now considered the standard number for brands, thankfully—but goes above and beyond through its skincare-inspired formulation. Each shade is meant to target common complexion issues based on your skin tone, making it the only foundation in the world that recognizes the different concerns each person has.


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“It doesn’t make sense if people have different skin and skin has different needs to keep doing what everybody’s doing right now, which is use the same formula and rolling in new shades,” Chuter told Bustle. “What we wanted to do is create custom formulas to cater to each skin family.”


But, of course, it doesn’t stop there. UOMA offers 18 shades of their “Stay Woke” concealer, a Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner, and lipsticks named after iconic women of color (see: Tina Turner, Sade, and Whitney Houston).  The brand also features top models Halima Alden and Nyakim Gatwech at the front of their first-ever campaigns.


Staring on April 26th, you can stock up on UOMA Beauty on their website, or by heading to Ulta.


UOMA Beauty

Say What?! Foundation


UOMA Beauty

BADASS ICON Matte Lipstick


UOMA Beauty

Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer


UOMA Beauty

Afro.Dis.Iac Cleopatra Ink Liquid Eyeliner


UOMA Beauty

Allure Black Magic Color Palette


UOMA Beauty

Boss Gloss Liquid Marble



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