Red carpet fashion is kind of boring! Lots of lovely dresses, sure but, with the exception of the Met Gala, they all look the same? But the after party…that’s where the real action’s at. Hems get a little shorter and looks get a lot more fun. And celebrities are drunker! Plus, you get the full range of celebritydom — not just Academy Awards attendees are there, but also athletes, models, etc. And thank goodness, because if Alessandra Ambrosio wasn’t at this year’s Vanity Fair party, we wouldn’t have seen this magnificent ‘90s-nude ensemble.

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Allison Janney

Allison Janney, who won her first Oscar for best-supporting actress for I, Tonya, wins for best use of red and white. Her white, perfectly-unbuttoned white collared shirt paired with a bright-red mermaid skirt is all-business — and as The Cut pointed out, very Sharon Stone-ish!

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Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish, who presented an award with Maya Rudolph, wore a beautiful zuria gown in honor of her Eritrean heritage. After wearing that stunning dress, she then pulled off the color that so few people can pull off: neon yellow. I’m all for extremely bold color choices, and this worked out beautifully.


Tom Holland

Tom Holland wins for best suit change of the evening! The Spider-Man: Homecoming star presented an award in a classic black suit, but things got MUCH more exciting when he changed into a deep maroon Dolce & Gabbana suit.

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Emma Stone

So being catty about what people are wearing generally rubs me the wrong way — I’m no Fashion Police, but if I WERE, I’d probably have something to say about Emma Stone’s red carpet outfit. While I love the idea of red, pink, and black silk paired together, something about the pink sash felt a little bit more Chico’s mom than it should have. But! Her after-party Louis Vuitton short shift dress? *Chef’s kiss*

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Kendall Jenner

WOW. This dress is my number one, by a mile. It looks like it could have been a dress in Dynasty, and it’s extra in a truly delicious way. The sleeves, the neckline, everything! This little black dress is far, far from boring.

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Tracee Ellis Ross

There was a loose matador theme this Oscars, with Janelle Monae wearing a gorgeous bullfighting ensemble. Tracee Ellis Ross also was in her Spanish-inspired finest, wearing a jeweled bolero jacket over a dramatic black gown.

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