Meet The 17-Year-Old Behind @VelvetCoke, Instagram’s Favorite Nostalgia Account

Note: Velvet Coke’s account has since been deleted from Instagram for “repeat infringement” reasons. You can sign the petition to bring @velvetcoke back on Instagram right here.


Instagram nostalgia accounts are quite possibly the Internet’s greatest gift. If you’re into the ’70s, there’s a page dedicated to that. How about ’80s punk rock culture? You can get your daily fix. But in the flood of modern-day archivists serving you aesthetically pleasing moments of the past, there is one account in particular that has caught the attention of everyone, including celebrities like Kendall Jenner.


@VelvetCoke, known to her followers as “Velvey,” gives an inside look at moments from the last 60 years of pop culture and beyond. What makes her account even more notable is that with every photo, she posts a historical fact about the moment to give further context to her followers. Accompanying a photo of Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder, she writes “Did you know? During the filming of Girl, Interrupted, Angelina said she had to avoid Winona Ryder on set in order to be able to act out the sociopath character of Lisa Rowe as effectively. If she saw anything human in Winona, she wouldn’t be able to.” 


In a sea of sponsored content and style pics, @VelvetCoke is content that is not only entertaining, but educational. Its something you might expect from someone who has been studying this, or at least been around for a whilebut Velvey is just 17-years-old.


Below, we talk to the mysterious Instagrammer about why she does what she does, and some of her favorite moments in pop history.


So we know you keep your identity private but what can you tell us about yourself? 

“I can tell you I’m a girl who is indeed nostalgic and in love with fashion, art, and music. Therefore, I would love to do something that involves fashion in my future. Even if I don’t pursue a career in that direction, it will still be important to me. I’m still in my teens, and when I tell people that, some of them don’t take me seriously. I guess it’s another reason to be incognito, and it’s honestly fun. In general, I love learning about everything and connecting with other people, hearing their opinions and what’s on their mind. I’m creative and agree that life does imitate art. The movies I watch and the music I listen to leave a huge impression on me and affect me in an artistic way. I think my greatest quality would be how I’m able to see the beauty in everything, even the tragic. There’s something good in everything that destiny brings us and that’s my motto.”


Your posts have so much information behind them which is what makes them so special. Where are you getting all this info? 

“Thanks! I try to credit as much as I can—most of the posts are from old archives on the Internet and forgotten fan sites. I post excerpts from various books or magazines, and sometimes it’s something that I heard about a long time ago and write that it could be just a rumor. I’m interested in everything I post, but it can be sort of difficult. There are so many photos on Google posted on a daily basis that have no description, so I turn the whole web upside down to find the source or meaning behind a photograph.”


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You have some pretty famous followers like Kendall Jenner but what has been the most exciting moment so far? 

“Okay, so many fun things [have] happened. She even responded to my DM! Then, I almost fainted when Dylan Sprouse followed me, I remember that, and then I sent him a meme. One time, Lorde posted me on her story and that was rather shocking. I was also mentioned by amazing magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. I can’t really pick a favorite, but I’d go with Dylan.”


What is your favorite moment in fashion history? 

“My favorite moment in fashion history sort of changes. Right now, I love the naked dresses of the ’70s. Seventies queens changed the whole game for all of us. It’s no surprise we still get our inspiration from them—that was so revolutionary. Although naked dresses existed even before that (I wrote about it!), I love the ’70s so much. I’m in love with that period because people weren’t afraid to be extra—think of Cher and her diva moments, but they were also so casual, like Jane and her lovely basket, at the same time. They were feeling themselves Another thing I’d like to point out is the doll look of the 1960s. Jean Shrimpton, for example. She looked so feminine and the makeup was divine. Focus on the eyes, the mirror of the soul.”



Why do you think people gravitate towards nostalgia so much, especially people your age? 

“For me, it’s fascinating how different each decade is. It’s not just the way people styled their hair or the shoes they wore, they had different mindsets and did everything differently. And some of that wasn’t even that long ago! I love seeing how everything evolves and then watch fashion go full circle. Can we talk about the huge comeback of the ’90s?!


“I must admit, thanks to the development of technology, human interaction has changed a lot. People love when I post letters or ’70s music festivals, it’s so interesting to see how our society has changed when it comes to feelings and how we treat each other. But I still think people my age can also notice how, despite of all those differences, things like true love and real friendship, for example, are always the same. And that is beautiful.” 


If you could have someone take over the account for a day who would it be?

“Hmm, that would be Lily-Rose Depp. I think she’s into vintage vibes and she’d do an amazing job when it comes to aesthetics. Victoria Beckham too.”


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