All The Style Lessons Worth Learning From ‘Veronica Mars’

The teen drama takeover of the mid ’00s was parallel to none. From The O.C. to One Tree Hill, there was no shortage of beautiful high schoolers embroiling themselves in drama. Overnight, millennials seemingly became the biggest market in television…and we’re still watching.


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Which is perhaps why the return of Veronica Mars over a decade since its conclusion is so welcome. The series put a young female at the forefront—a fast-talking, no-nonsense Nancy Drew for the modern woman who actively refused to be over-sexualized. There were also, dare we say, some looks served. Despite being set in the fictional Southern California town of Neptune (think Newport Beach), Mars was the queen of layering and could-care-less sartorial choices that inspired legions of teen girls follow suit. Veronica Mars invented sleepy-beach-town-off-season style, and we thank her for it. See the other trends she ushered in, below.


1. Fabric headbands pull any outfit together


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It has been one lovely year since I've started this account. I've had some ups, some downs, and some straights. (Make sense?) some stayed, some left, some're new. (Hi!) I would just like to thank all of you, and let you know that you're all important to me. I've grown to love a show about an upper lower class girl who solves mysteries, and during that growth, I met all of you. The you's who've shown me the upsides, the you's who've helped me make better edits (hey there, Lyla), and the you's who've shown me you like my material by doing nothing but liking and following. I love you all, and no matter what, I'll be a shoulder you can rely on. (Most of the time 😊) I'd never even expected my account to grow this large, and you guys can take the credit. I love you, and thank you. 💕

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Long before Bella Hadid, Veronica Mars was bumping the fabric headband to update a look. Practical and stylish, this is a must-have for any closet—and greasy hair days.


Custom Ink

Sports Headband




2. Camouflage as casual-wear


All The Style Lessons Worth Learning From 'Veronica Mars' 2
Was Veronica Mars in or destined for life in the military? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t rock a low-rise camo mini. Get even more G.I. Jane with a studded belt.


Petite Camo Denim Pocket Mini Skirt


3. Blazers sans the workplace


Veronica Mars was proof you don’t need an office to deploy a blazer. Make like Kendall and offset with a crop top and baggie jean, or throw a hoodie underneath to down the anti a little.


Danielle Guizio

Pinstripe Oversized Blazer




4. Layer everything


All The Style Lessons Worth Learning From 'Veronica Mars'

From outerwear to jewelry, Veronica Mars sure knew how to layer. Nothing says “I don’t try” like a chunky choker with a delicate pendant. Also how could we overlook this T-shirt, hoodie, light jacket moment? She was truly a pioneer.

Isabel Marant

Layered Long Necklace


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