Curation is About More Than Just Art for Good Luck Dry Cleaners

If you want your laundry done well, do not go to Good Luck Dry Cleaners. Not only are they not responsible for items left behind, but they don’t run a dry cleaning business. They just go places to “fuck it up beautifully.”


“It was our Dead Sea scroll,” Jeremy Penn says, “We discovered gold.”

He and Phil Reese are recounting their experience exploring the storage of Saks Fifth Avenue, and the gold they discovered was not a priceless piece of fashion history as most would hope to find, but rather a stuffed lion that Barron Trump had sat on in a family portrait in 2010. Shortly after making this discovery, Phil and Jeremy posed sat on the stuffed lion in a photograph by Jonathan Mannion. The duo took this shoot very seriously, working hard to replicate the body language and facial expression of the president’s son in the original photograph. “What does gently bewildered look like?” Phil had wondered during prep for the shoot. Jeremy had responded that it’s like the face a dog makes when you call him by his name.

You might be wondering how Phil and Jeremy were able to get Jonathan Manniona photographer known for having shot album covers and portraits for Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, David Beckham, and so onto take a picture of them mimicking a child’s pose on a stuffed lion.

The duo are the masterminds behind Good Luck Dry Cleaners, an art collective that will not, despite what their name might imply, fluff and fold your laundry. Instead, what GLDC does, in Jeremy’s words, is go wherever they’re invited, “fuck it up beautifully and then tear it down.”

Words: Robyn Turk   Head of Video: Tina Rosh  DP: Paul Terrie &

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