Jump Rope, the Take-Anywhere Cardio

Jump Rope, the Take-Anywhere Cardio

We all do cardio for different reasons, whether it’s to burn off that second er… third glass of wine, or a way for you to checkout from a busy day and check-in with yourself. Cardio is not always an easy task to get excited over, but at the same time, you’ll never regret it afterwards. If you’re in ...
How to Get a Perfectly Beat Face, as Told by The Drag Queens Who Do it Best

How to Get a Perfectly Beat Face, as Told by The Drag Queens Who Do it Best

Anyone who's anyone knows that you need a good beat face to get anything done these days. You know, a makeup look that's so full of power and awe that you just look truly stunning. So we searched high and low to find the best teachers to show us how to get that beat look done right. And who better t
We All Need Somebody to Lean On 1

We All Need Somebody to Lean On

Like Bill Withers, sometimes we all need somebody to lean on—even when we workout.  That’s why we decided to create an easy and fun workout that you can do with your pals anywhere at anytime.
Artist Miya Ando is a Woman of the World

Artist Miya Ando is a Woman of the World

Miya Ando is a woman of the world. The half-Japanese, half-Russian-American artist grew up in between a Japanese Buddhist temple and a redwood forest Northern California before migrating east to New York to focus on her artwork. These days, the world-renowned artist has taken up bi-coastal residency
Kat Irlin, Instagram Photographer Kat in NYC Discusses Her Journey 3

We Went Behind the Lens With @Kat_in_NYC

Kat Irlin sees the world differently: having grown up in St. Petersburg, Russia, the New York City photographer draws inspiration for her dream-like photographs from the architecture and the art in the cities she's lived within and traveled to. Known to most as Kat in NYC, Insta-famous photographer ...
Fernanda Breathing balance COOLS

Balance the Yin & Yang in Your Mind

There's a right and left side of the brain, a left and right side of the body, and a feminine and masculine energy that runs within each of us. We have such conflicting dualities in ourselves, so when we are able to balance both sides of our physical and energetic bodies, we basically feel good.
lily kwong

Lily Kwong Grows Plants, and Plants Root Her

For most working professionals, jobs are sources of stress that throw us off balance. But on the other hand, there are people like Lily Kwong, whose work builds roots, literally grounding her into who she is.
Earthing, The Vitamin You Take In Through Your Feet

Earthing, The Vitamin You Take In Through Your Feet

Did you know the soles of your feet can actually absorb specific nutrients from the ground—in the form of an electrical charge—that nourishes your whole body?  We live on Earth, but most of us don’t even touch the earth anymore. Living and working in New York City, most of us suffer from b ...

The “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” Booty Workout

As the days become longer and more importantly warmer, New Yorkers need little excuse to get outside and discover how the city comes back to life in the summer. So riding my bike over the Williamsburg bridge for a booty-burning workout followed by an icy Açai bowl and iced americano from Aussie cafe ...