Make No Mistake, Waistcoasts Are Back

We’ve barely had a moment to recover our breath after the first images emerged of Timothée Chalamet as 19th century heartthrob Laurie in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming live action take on Little Women. The reaction was unexpected, with many taking to Twitter to express their affinity for Chalamet’s looks in the film, confirming what I’ve already known for some time: waistcoats are back.


You might remember waistcoats’ pop culture peak in the late fazes of the ’00s. We saw waistcoats over T-shirt, we saw waistcoats as shirts—waistcoats appeared on red carpets, on stages, and on television. Waistcoats were everywhere before being rebuffed and thrown out, disappearing as quickly as they had initially materialized.


Make No Mistake, Waistcoasts Are Back 3


But fashion is cyclical—every decade-to-20 years (depending on who you ask), trends we thought we’d never see again come back around. We’re welcoming low-rise waistlines once again, going-out tops are back to being the new normal.


Make No Mistake, Waistcoasts Are Back 2


Hear me now, friends, waistcoats are back. It started with the return of suiting, and now we stand teetering on the edge of a full waistcoat phenomenon. Zendaya brought them back for Tommy Hilfiger (in fact, she’s also a regular wearer). So is Olivia Palermo. They even made an appearance on Chloé’s Spring 2018 runway.


It’s time to dive in. Get to the trend before it gets you.



Classic Fitted Waistcoat


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