Everything ‘Guava Island’ Could Be, Ranked

Since last summer, when images of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) and Rihanna started surfacing of the pair on set in Cuba, we’ve all been wondering what the mysterious film Guava Island could possibly be. A buddy comedy, as this photo of Rihanna throwing up bunny ears behind Gambino’s head, might suggest? The rom-com duo of our dreams?  


Last November, a trailer for Guava Island premiered at Glover’s Pharos festival in New Zealand, giving us a subtle hint about what this film could be. Directed by previous Gambino collaborator Hiro Murai, who directed the music video for This is America, the film will premiere on YouTube on a Coachella live stream. Though the official premiere date hasn’t been specified, ads last week teased the date of April 13, the night after Childish Gambino performs at the festival.


Honestly, kudos to the whole team for managing to maintain some mystery in an era where that seems near-impossible. The main clue as to the film’s plot is Gambino’s line in the trailer: “We live in paradise but none of us actually have the time or the means to live here.” As we sit on our couches, ruminating over that sentiment, here are some possible answers to the question of the season: What, exactly, is Guava Island?


  1. 1940s-era fruit import company
  2. An unofficial sequel of The Beach Bum
  3. The Rihanna/Donald Glover buddy comedy of the summer
  4. Bath & Body fragrance circa 2005; it’s discontinued but pulls great rank on r/bathandbodyworks
  5. Jamba Juice Smoothie
  6. A visual album to accompany the new (and supposedly last) Childish Gambino album
  7. A B-list, ’80s action-adventure movie
  8. The final straw for city dwellers to do what they really want to do: drop everything and move to a tropical island
  9. A Putumayo World Music compilation
  10. A Starbucks secret menu item
  11. An ad for a new Fenty Beauty collection

Watch the trailer below:




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