The season of crisp air and crunchy leaves is finally upon us. Gone are the days of endless humidity, surprise thunderstorms, and feeling too warm any time you slide on a pair of jeans. Instead, reacquaint yourself with trench coats, cozy sweaters, and sleek fall booties.


Like pumpkin picking, Halloween parties, and cider doughnuts, fall trends are something to look forward to each year—a welcome relief after a blazing summer. The thing about fall trends is that there are those as reliable as falling leaves, the traditional staples year after year that only have to be pulled out of the closet and slipped back into for a familiar look. And then there are fall trends dictated by fashion week street style; as fall starts amidst fashion month, our street style inspo is imperative to helping build our cooler-weather wardrobes.


From classic fall looks to on-trend and off-beat, this is your definitive guide to getting through fall trends.


The Oversized Sweater

Perhaps the coziest of fall trends, we love the oversized sweater for just that reason: it is cozy. What better to slip into on those fall mornings when you can’t get out of bed because your bedroom’s air is filled with that unbearable fall chill? An oversized sweater, especially in a great chunky knit, is the closest thing to a big, fuzzy blanket you can actually leave your house wearing.


We can’t hide the fact that our favorite oversized sweater will be any with a chunky, cable knit, but don’t feel limited to just that style. Oversized sweatshirts are a great way to stay strong with the athleisure trend in the fall time.


This look pairs perfectly with a pair of thermal leggings when the cold temperatures put you in need of a lazy-casual day. But do keep in mind that the oversized sweater trend isn’t limited to that. Wear yours with a pair of cropped jeans and ankle boots for an impeccable fall every day look, or pair your oversized sweater with more sweaters. Another easy trick? Wear a denim jacket over your big sweater.



high neck cable knit sweater in space gray - Gray



Mid-rise cropped skinny jeans



Ankle boots

$144 $97


The Classic Trenchfall trends, How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave

Since its inception into fashion history in the late 19th century, Thomas Burberry’s iconic design has become an essential for transitional months. We talked about how much we loved the trench for spring, but the real trick of the trade is to use your trench year-round (or maybe semi-annually, depending on how Mother Nature decides to play her cards each year). The trench coat is as pertinent leading up to cold weather as it is leading away from it. The lighter material with the long coat style makes it like a training wheel—training your body to adjust back into your winter woolens as each month grows cooler.


The point is that for 60 to 65 degree days, you’re going to need a coat, and that coat should really be a trench. Classic, transitional, necessary, the classic trench is a thing of the future, and the past. Wear your fall trench with jeans, flats, and a sweater, and just like that, your first fall trend is complete.



Jordana Trench Coat

$625 $351



$114 $49




The Booties-And-Socks Duo

How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave

A fall go-to of yesteryear, the socks with booties look is an easy fan favorite. The benefits of the socks and booties look is multi-layered. On the top-most layer, we’ve got the most obvious benefit: warmth. As the temps get cooler yet not too cold for mini skirts, a taller sock tucked into an ankle boot is an easy fix to goosebump-laden legs. Opt for a wooly sock on the coolest fall days. The next layer is the aesthetic contrast. Pairing a black boot with a gray sock is playing it safe. Bring a real sense of sartorial smarts into play when you shake things up a bit, pairing beige socks with a brown boot, or even a black sock with a white boot. There is no limit to bringing in a little color contrast to your fall outfit when you bring the booties-and-socks duo into the mix.


And last, but definitely not least, an well-played sock with a bootie is an outfit anchor—that one thing that brings a whole ensemble together. Between the hem of a mini skirt and the top of a short boot, we’re working with a lot of negative space. Cue the sock, a cozy balance between the linear ends to both the boot and the skirt, anchoring the whole look together. Fall trends 1 and 2: complete.



Danica Ankle Bootie, Size 8.5 W - Grey



Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Socks, Size One Size - Beige



Sock Combat Boot




fall trends, How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave

Layering is a no-brainer in the fall. Not only does adding layers keep you warm as you adjust to falling temps, but layers are a fast trick to adding dimension to your look. Also, when you’re torn between multiple pieces, layering allows you to just wear them all. When you layer, it’s an easy way to show off your pairing capabilities while keeping warm.


Have fun with your layers; play around with a boxy-shouldered blazer and a flowy top. Keep it classic with a collared shirt under a sweater, or get funky with it and start playing around with jeans and longer pieces at the top. Our go-to for this fall will definitely be a layered look with plenty of knits involved, because warmth is essential in the colder months.




$398 $238.8


Blanca Sweater Dress



Woman Faded Mid-rise Skinny Jeans Mid Denim Size 31

$270 $121


The Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is an instant fall classic that will take you right into winter. What can be cozier than the feeling of a long, warm knit as days get increasingly chillier? The best part about a sweater dress is that it is hassle free—just throw on a chunky knitted dress and no other styling necessary. In the winter you’re going to have to consider insulated tights and durable boots, but the perk of a sweater dress in fall times is that you can still go bare-legged on most days and have more selection with footwear. Team your go-to sweater dress with booties and no socks to show off your legs when you still can, or if the weather is even warm enough, try a block-heeled pump.



Bell Sleeve Knitted Sweater Dress - Gray

$60 $24


Matilda Block Heel Pumps

$110 $49.99


Robinson Smooth Tote Bag



The Accent Sweater

fall trends, what to wear weather, How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave

If you were into the monochromed look throughout summer and spring, there is no reason why you can’t bring that style into your fall trends. Go for a single-color palette for most of your look, but do try to keep things fresh for fall with a single accent color. Fall is so full of warm, earthy tones so bring that into your wardrobe in subtle ways. Opt for a white-on-white base (because yes, you should be wearing white after Labor Day), and throw on a deep colored cardigan for a touch of character. We love a style with a bit of vintage inspiration to really play up the trend.



Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan, Size X-Small - Burgundy



Cotton shirt

$700 $490






How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave

If you were a fan of the plaid trend that started showing up everywhere this past spring, you’re going to love fall trends this year. The timeless pattern is here to stay, and is ready for a new styling trick this season. While we had been styling our plaid as an accent pattern throughout understated looks or experimenting with plaid-on-plaid outfits, for fall try some even more bold. We’re all about cleverly done colorful looks, so mix your plaid with a different pattern. Experiment with clashing patterns with one or two similar colors. The great thing about this fall trend is that there are quite a few factors you can play around with: try clunky fits like long sleeves on oversized tops and wrap-around maxi skirts, then add a dad sneaker to keep that chunky feel throughout. This trend allows a lot of options for making the look your own.



Stripe Central Shirt

$69.5 $49.99


Shana Plaid Wrap Skirt



'Satima' Sneaker, Size 9 M - White



The Mom Jean

How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave 1

We’re still not ready to part with the mom jean this season. This trend is perfect for fall because it has all of the stylistic elements we’re crushing on at the moment: the oversized feel, a touch of dimensionality to a look, and vintage denim washes. When selecting your mom jean, make sure it’s a slightly high waist, falling just below your belly button. What’s great about this denim cut is that it gives you a lot of room to explore. The goal is to select a top that highlights the accentuated waist of the jean, so a cropped sweater or a tucked-in t-shirt are going to be your best bets. Then finish the look with sneakers or ankle boots.



Perforated Crop Sweater

$250 $187.5


Mom Jean - Blue



Woman Mirror-trimmed Leather Ankle Boots Grey Green Size 35

$465 $199


The Jumpsuit

fall trends, what to wear weather, How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave 2

Another easy fall trend, the jumpsuit is perfect for both chillier days and those unseasonably warmer ones. When it is on the cooler side, you can even bring in some layering to the look; go for a chunky-knit sweater or cardigan, or perhaps a denim jacket, and throw on a pair of booties. And then when the weather gives you a bit more flexibility, team a kitten heel and a cute bag and your fall trend is complete. 



Denim jumpsuit



Embroidered chunky cable knit cardigan



Annabelle Pointed Kitten Heels - Black

$65 $45


Photo: Nordstrom

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