Who is Pretty Little Thing Campaign Star Maya Jama?

Maya Jama just released a 90’s themed collection for Pretty Little Thing, a UK-based retailer owned by parent company Boohoo. But, unless you’re super dialed into the happenings of British television personalities, then you may be asking: who the hell is Maya Jama?

Maya Jama, 23, is a television and radio presenter. The Somali-Swedish born Jama has amassed over 500,000 followers on Instagram who love her style. Her boyfriend Stormzy, who attended the line’s launch party, is also a fan of Jama’s.

I always wanted to do my own collaboration at some point. Maybe I’ve just been too busy in the past, or I just haven’t been approached by the right brand, but as soon as I met with Pretty Little Thing it just seemed right,” Jama tells Miss Vogue. “My fans love them, I’ve worn their pieces before and I could design a collection that is true to my style with them.”

Jama describes the collection as “a mix between ’90s styling, some inspiration from archive Chanel catwalks, plus major Clueless vibes”. It’s a “blend between young, fun ’90s vibes” and Jama’s “style today; so lots of two and three-piece outfits, festival gear, sporty vibes and some nightwear” as well.

The entire collection is priced between $12-68 (USD), making it as accessible as other brands like Fashion Nova. It also is available in sizes from 4-24, which Jama hopes will make it more inclusive of different body types.

I hope [fans] just feel super cute, super fun and super sexy…it’s size 4 – 24 so every item is super inclusive for everyone and they’ll all look amazing in it!”

maya jama pretty little thing campaign

Photo via Pretty Little Thing

Jama shared some advice for young people struggling with their careers, as well.

I’d say don’t be disheartened by the noes. There are lots of noes before you finally get a yes. Also, don’t get put off by the hard work. It’s so easy to see the end goal, but for me there was many years of free work, sweating and getting no sleep that went into getting here,” she said.

And finally, don’t get distracted looking at other people’s lives and comparing. Remember every person in a desirable position has worked hard for it.”

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