#WhoIsShe: Faces of NYFW

As we flock from show to show, Fashion Week starts to not only feel like one big blur, but it can start to look like one too. While some might pine for a glimpse of a Hadid or pray that another Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell situation might majestically appear riding in on the high-horse of a dream, instead we’re looking for the new faces that have come to grace the runways this season. We’ve rounded up 9 new models that you should get to know now. You know what they say about keeping your eyes peeled.
  1. Karmay Ngai: Perhaps you first saw Karmay when MISBHV released that nude, mesh tank top with the logo running across the chest in rhinestones? No? Maybe? Well for us, from that moment on, she’s been a hard face to forget. Karmay popped up again most recently in the Kim Shui runway show this past Saturday. Born in the US but raised between Hong Kong, Shanghai and the UK, Karmay’s a global citizen with a penchant for the arts and design.  

2. Selena Forrest: Although she might exactly be an entirely new face, Selena has graced the covers of Dazed and i-D and the runways of just about everyone in the books from Chanel, to Hugo Boss, to Emilo Pucci, to Vera Wang and Coach. This season we were delighted to see her make yet another appearance at Alexander Wang where she continued to turn up the heat.

  1. Sabrina Fuentas: Represented by New York City based agency, No Agency, Sabrina Fuentas, is a mixed bag when it comes to talent. As one of the eight girls represented by No Agency, an agency that represents more than models but artists, highlighting the full-bodied existence of these individuals, Sabrina in turn is a musician who quite literally beats to her own drum, or should we say strum? (She plays the electric guitar) Here she is at the Creatures of Comfort show. 

  1. SOPHIE: Merging the forces of music, fashion and the arts seamlessly, it was less surprising but still exciting to see SOPHIE grace Eckhaus Latta’s runway this season. Having worked anonymously for much of her career, SOPHIE recently placed herself in the spotlight with her video for ‘It’s Okay to Cry’. Having collaborated with the likes of Charli XCX, Diplo, Vince Staples and Madonna, she’s establishing herself as a force and face to be recognized and reckoned with.

  1. Cilene Guiadeen: As Kim Shui chose to spotlight members of the vast diaspora of the often stereotyped Asian diaspora, it was refreshing to see Cilene make not only a comeback at her show but she also appeared in the Shay Kawaii show as well. Certainly on the come up, we expect nothing but big things from this South Asian beauty, there’s nothing like a little melanin magic.

  1. Danny Bowien: Known for his food more than his role in fashion, the breakout star at the Sandy Liang presentation was the owner of Mission Chinese Food and legendary chef, Danny Bowien. In an interview with Squarespace he was quoted saying, “I’m always trying to ask the question: ‘Why not? Why has it not been done like this before, why should we not try this, why should we not take that risk?’ “ And this answer seems to certainly apply here.

  1. Essdea: When Essdea came S-T-R-U-T-T-I-N-G down the runway at Luar, everybody’s phones were out. The confidence this beauty exudes perhaps stems from her impeccable cheek bone structure? Regardless, we’re hoping to see more of her soon.

  1. K-rizz: The originator of the term Slaysian nearly brought down the house at the Chromat show this fashion week with a finale featuring the performance of a Tagalog song. The Filipino pop-star princess, embodies empowered sexuality and takes ownership of her identity in a way that is as fierce as it is uplifting. Her fiery personality was thee perfect cherry on top and no doubt she was dressed in red.

  1. Aube Jolicoeur: Aube is a vision and while she’s established herself as a new face to fawn over, she’s still making her rounds appearing in a number of shows this season for the first time. These shows include Coach and Oscar de la Renta and Jeremy Scott’s Moschino. With campaigns out for Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and even Zara, there’s no doubt that Aube is one of this generation’s next it-girls.


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