Why Everyone Needs Green Shorts Before Summer Ends

We hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave — summer’s inevitable departure is approaching, and although it’s a sign of relief, it’s bittersweet. Summer’s wind-down usually results in one of two things: a mad dash towards transitional wardrobe prep, or a frantic race to the finish in regards to wearing your most coveted summer pieces.  

We opt for the latter on this one, as there’s one garment your wardrobe will be green with envy not to have. A high waisted pair of forest green khaki shorts, a bit random to say the least, but it makes sense. The color green usually equates to ambitions, energy, finances, growth, nature, and renewal, all of which identify with the dawn of a new season. September signifies new beginnings, whether that may be a fresh start in a new job or educational institution, or merely the changing colors of autumn leaves, it’s all a renewal process.

Why Everyone Needs Green Shorts Before Summer Ends

For this look, we’ve paired the green shorts with an oversized, relaxed-fit black collared shirt, playing on both the existing and in coming seasons. Pair a black belt with silver hardware to accent your look and create an illusion to the eye that will accentuate your waistline.  


Sheer Pajama Shirt



studded belt - Black

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Lucky A-line high-waist shorts

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