Why Were So Many Male Models Naked at Loewe?

Jonathan Anderson presented a curious take on body positivity on Thursday. Anderson’s Spring 2019 men’s collection for Loewe features 23 different looks, but a fair number of the models are wearing minimal clothing. Some are actually just naked altogether.

While the view isn’t terrible, it does beg the question: where are the clothes at?

Fashion has always been a debatable art form. Some would say that designing a collection of bad tutu’s doesn’t make someone a designer, or an artist, but it’s easy for people to claim the title nonetheless. That’s not to say Anderson isn’t a designer, or an artist. He is, and he’s a good one at that. However, what exactly is he bringing to the table with this new, barely there collection?

Well, the clothing that was on display, was pretty ornate. The shearling-trimmed military jackets, candy colored stripes, and python patterns were all highlights. But, even the clothed models showed some skin, which suggests a less is more aesthetic will be in vogue next Spring.


Courtesy of Loewe

The collection dovetails with the concept of #BodyPositivity, which has become a dominant characteristic of the millennial zeitgeist. As this movement has gained traction on social media, so has nudity. A number of people who consider themselves “body positive” are also posting nude or semi-nude photos of themselves on their channels. Some probably just do it for the attention, but others actually use it as a means of empowerment. Or to make a statement.

“Dear Instagram: This isn’t sexual,” reads an Instagram caption written by model Rain Dove. Dove’s referring to a video of herself playing basketball, topless.

The video was aimed at Instagram’s community guidelines, which currently censors female nipples. Surprisingly, the video still hasn’t been taken down.

And it’s for good reason: Dove brings up some thought-provoking points about the way American culture condemns the naked female form. This condemnation obviously presents a problem for people who are gender non-conforming, and feel like they shouldn’t have to hide their bodies.

However, thanks to movers and shakers like Jonathan Anderson and Rain Dove, the landscape is continuing to open up.

Watch Dove’s full video, below:

DEAR INSTAGRAM: THIS ISNT SEXUAL. Sure, I may have my DD Breasts out. Nipples shining in the sun. But this is simply a game of basketball between two humans. One of those humans is actually a Pro Basketball player (@crissa_ace ) – who’s skills on the court are far more worthy of a stare than my swinging sacks of potential food providing flesh. But before You delete my IG POST let me DD-fend myself: #1: Your guidelines say “Female nipples”. I do not identify as “female”. Or “male”. So I am not violating your guidelines. #2 Even if I did identify as “Female”- “Females” can have Pecs. “Males” can have Breasts. And if You argue only people with pecs are considered “Male” bodied- Pecs can be bigger than Breasts and vice versa. Both can also lactate. Both can also be fetishized. What’s so different? #3 What is considered “nudity” or “naked” changes culturally globally. In some places eye contact direct to camera is considered sexual. Showing your shoulders is considered lewd. Hugs are considered worse than kisses. Etc. Aren’t you a globally reaching company? Who’s opinion is controlling what is considered sexual? Can we have a chat one on one? I wouldn’t have had much of a chance at my career without my IG platform. I’m grateful for this app and what it has done to elevate my opportunities in life. I’m coming TO You. Not AT You. Please consider reviewing the language You use in your guidelines. Either make it so NO one can show their nipples or everyone can. You’re creating a division that’s reinforcing the vulnerable feelings people with breasts already feel. Fear, shame, objectification. Stop targeting “females” specifically. Instead might I recommend addressing INTENTIONS- equally. It’s kind of obvious when someone is creating work with specifically salacious intention. A shirt off is not enough for a conviction. You reach around the world IG. Therefore you can change it- simply by hanging your language. LOVE ALWAYS, Rain Dove #IdenTITTY #genderqueer #lovewins #instagram #theboysarebackintown #genderfluid #lgbtq #womensrights #ThingsYouCANChange #Basketball #DDEFENSE ? @connor_landhauser PS of this gets deleted I WILL repost every time. @katyperry

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