We all love to glam it up in cocktail dresses and stilettos, but sometimes all we want to do is dress down in some leisure-ware. But with that being said, dressing down and dressing sloppy are two completely different ideas. When there’s a will, there’s always a way to create an “I woke up like this” style that looks like it was taken straight out of a page from your favorite glossy editorial.


Whether you’re headed to the gym or just running to the mall, you can always craft a great lazy day outfit with this essential: yoga pants. These comfy pants are a staple in just about every woman’s closet, and it’s clear to see why. Unlike jeans and trousers, yoga pants are a breathable option for relaxed weekends, but can still be played around with to work for more formal occasions.


No matter what season it may be, you can instantly spot at least one woman strutting down the street in yoga pants. While their main intention is for athletic purposes, they’ve transformed into an athleisure statement item. Yoga pants paired with UGG boots — or more recently, Adidas Superstars — have become a uniform of sorts for our chill days off.


But, some of us can still feel constricted in the classic skinny fit of these bottoms. That’s when it’s time to break out the underutilized wide leg yoga pants.


While impractical for intense vinyasa classes, these loose-fitting pants bring comfort and style to a new level many of us wouldn’t know was possible. Similar to their tight-fitting brethren, this relaxed fit comes in a variety of designs, patterns, and stylings. But, not only do they stand out in terms of comfort, but they’re surprisingly chic. The flared bottoms and straighter fit has so much potential to tie a perfect athletic-wear ensemble together, but it just takes a little more creativity to do so.


So, next time you’re shopping for some new bottoms, don’t run to the overplayed skinny fits yet again. Add a breath of fresh air to your style by whipping out a new pair of wide leg yoga pants. This looser pant fit is the perfect way to add an extra touch of style to your average daywear. They’re playful, and add a laid-back attitude to your recreational wardrobe, making them an underrated piece that desperately needs to break into the mainstream.


Need some help figuring out the best wide legged yoga pants that fits your unique style? Don’t fret, because we dug up some of the coolest styles to jump into. We’ve gone near and far to find some of the best relaxed fit yoga pants of the season (if not the year), and we think you’re going to bend over backwards to grab one — or all — of these contemporary items. Check out our favorite classic and up-and-coming styles that will keep your lazy day attire looking fresher than ever.


Stay chill with some of the best wide leg yoga pants of the year.


The Class Act


Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2018

Independence Day Clothing Co Two Way Flare Bottom Yoga Pants, $32.50



If you’re just looking to add some shape to your usual body-hugging yoga pants, then step into this pair from Independence Day. This flared bottom athletic-wear stays modest in its true-black hue, but adds a flattering appearance to your figure through its shapely fit. Their high-waisted fit adds a more fitted style at your waistline, creating a comfortable fit that feels only slightly loose than your usual go-to leggings. This pair of basic black yoga pants are crucial for those quick sessions in the studio, or just for lounging on the couch. Pair these yoga pants with your favorite graphic tee or racerback tank to assemble the coziest “lounging around” outfit.


Work Hard, Play Hard


Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2018

Nike Power Classic Workout Pants, $55



These loose pants from Nike are reserved for those days where you’re actually working out. While many of us reserve our yoga pants for sitting around (no judgement, we all do it), these stretchy spandex pants are perfect for moving around and getting active. The straight-legged fit lets you exercise with no resistance, allowing you to freely enter into your warrior pose with full flexibility. Like many of its kind, these yoga pants also have a high waisted length for full body control and contouring. The straighter fit of these pants is beneficial for going hard at the gym, so you won’t have to worry about stumbling on flared bell bottoms.


Extra Space


Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2018

Zella Go With The Flow Pants, $69



The motto of these Zella yoga pants: go hard, or go home. They took the concept of wide legs to a whole new level with this ultra-roomy fit, but still creates a flattering derriere by staying fitted only on the top. The dark heathered grey tone is perfect for mixing and matching with brighter-toned tops, making it a pair of yoga pants that’s a force to be reckoned with. This contemporary twist on the classic wide leg fit also feels as comfortable as it looks through the nonbinding waist and smooth flatlock seams. The minute you slip into these pants, you’ll become completely zen.


Ohm My Goodness


Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2018

Free People Maverick Flare, $98


For a more drastic flare, reach for these Free People classics. The tight thigh fit creates a favorable silhouette as it comfortable hugs your curves, and the flared calves create more shape as they give your legs room to breathe. For those of you who aren’t into high rise pants, these are one of the few low cut yoga pants on the market, so you can stretch in piece without any constriction on your midsection. Plus, these pants have a minor detail that makes them stand out in a major way: pockets! Finally, a pair of yoga pants with pockets to store our essentials in.


Give Me The Deets


Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2018

Victoria’s Secret Victoria Sport Anytime Cotton Bootcut Yoga Pant, $49.50



If you need an extra flare to your bell bottoms, then grab these Victoria’s Secret yoga pants. This flared-fit athletic-wear is perfect for the fit fashionista through the simple, yet statement-making, grommet details. They also have the figure-shaping fit we all know and love from all of our yoga pants, having both body and style that makes them the poshest pick of the bunch. These cotton bootcut pants can be worn just about anywhere: go to the gym, to the office, even to the club with these black bottoms on. We can see anyone wearing their most striking sneakers, flats, and even stilettos in this glammed-up twist on the classic flared yoga pant.


Higher Than Ever


Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2018

Beyond Yoga High-Waisted Practice Pants, $88


We’re always finding ways to go sky high with our athletic style, and these relaxed fit bottoms from Beyond Yoga are always a great place to start. They’re pretty much your average black yoga pant: fitted through the knee, subtle flare at the calves, and sweat-wicking fabric seems like nothing out of the ordinary. But, our high-waist fans will love these for their ultra-high length. Gone are the days of muffin tops and constricting waistband cutting into your midsection, because these yoga pants are meant to fit perfectly at your stomach so you can easily bend into upward facing dog at ease.


It’s All Hype


Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2018

Adidas Women’s Originals Flared Track Pants, $90


If you’re a label-junkie, then get your sweat on in these Adidas flared pants. The brand’s signature three-stripe embellishment is usually seen on their boxier-fitting sweatpants, but now they’re given a sexier makeover in this fitted flare piece. But, don’t be fooled, as these velvet pants are not for working out. They’re you fitting bottom for creating the ultimate street-style ensemble, making your outfit go from hype-beast to hype-babe.


Breathing Room


Stay Chill With Wide Leg Yoga Pants 2

Sweaty Betty Peaceful Split Wide Leg Pants, $82.49

If you’re in need of all of the breathable space you can get without taking your pants off, then look no further. This pair of wide leg pants from Sweaty Betty are not only large in demeanor, but also live for drama. The extreme side slits and enlarged legs create a Bohemian effect, making them a stylish staple with all of the comfort necessary to move around in. Tie up the side-slit pants for a more clinging fit, or let them flow freely.


Heathered Hype


Stay Chill With Wide Leg Yoga Pants 1

BB Dakota Wendall Wide Leg Lounge Pants, $80

These heathered-grey pants from BB Dakota have a slimmer fit around the hips and thighs, but still give your calves a more relaxed fit. Whether you’re heading to the gym or to bed, these comfy pants will let you live through comfort in every sense of the word. They’re a great pick for anyone who’s looking for an everyday wide leg pant.



Stay Chill With Wide Leg Yoga Pants

Sweaty Betty Garudasana Yoga Trousers, $115

Wide legs are always a more breathable alternative than skinnier pants and leggings, but sometimes their loose ends can get in our way. Tripping and stumbling across the yoga studio is never a good time, so when we need a looser fit with a little more control, we slip into these Sweaty Betty yoga trousers. They’re the best of both worlds: extremely comfortable, but fitted at the ankles so you can bend into a kapotasana pose at ease.

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