The Winter Coats That Won’t Weigh Down Your Style

‘Tis the season for whopping mugs of hot cocoa, chillin’ by the fireplace, and wearing our favorite layering pieces. None of us want to linger in the cold without our favorite jackets and coats, which is why outerwear reigns supreme during the winter season. As the air becomes more brisk, I’m getting ready to wrap myself up in knee-hitting puffers, parkas, and wool trenches every moment the weather hits below 50.


But, I’m not reaching for just any old coat. While the bulbous puffy jacket is always a wintertime hit, I’ve never found them visually appealing. Sure, they’re warm, but they also transform my short frame into a stout marshmallow running amok across NYC. To be frank, it’s just not a good look on me, so I’m ditching the classic for something a little more tailored.


Bye, Bye, Big Coats


This is a formal goodbye letter to the bulky coats of yesteryear. They may have kept us warm and cozy as we waited on chilly subway platforms, but they overall cause more harm than good. On top of completely messing up my intricately crafted outfits, they seem to literally get in my way as I’m trying to go about my winter days.


In my opinion, these coats are just unbearable to deal with. Trying to strap my favorite crossbody bags over these unnecessarily large outerwear pieces is just a pain, and my arm movements always feel heavily limited. Seriously, for such big coats why are they so suffocating in fit?


Ok, rant over. By now, you get it: I’m steering clear of these coats this winter, and I think you should too. For some of you clutching your feather-filled puffs in fright of being left out in the cold, hear me out: there are tons of long winter coats for women that don’t have to put a damper on your style. Remember, when it comes to fashion, the “bigger is better” rule rarely holds true.


Redefining The Perfect Winter Coat: A Saga


So, now that the clunker counterparts are not considered an option, what’s next? There are actually tons of slimmer, more flattering options for you to choose from: wool, fur (or faux fur), even leather can keep you warm during the chilly winter season. With all of the options available to you, there’s no excuse for reverting back to your old ways. I’m challenging you to think outside of the puffy, down-filled box and strap on some more experimental styles.


But, I know sifting through tons of options can be time consuming, so allow me to be your personal shopper for the day. While going through my never-ending shopping binges, I found some of the most unique, figure-flattering styles that will upgrade any of your cold season ensembles. They’re fresh, invigorating plays on the signature puffer we’ve known and (not really) loved. So, don’t sacrifice style for warmth yet again. Slip into one of these coats and get the best of both worlds.


All the style, sans chill: check out this year’s top-trending long winter coats for women.


Furry Feels



Oversized Faux Shearling Coat - Brown



I’ve been seeing this Tibi coat everywhere, and I’m OBSESSED. The dark camel color gives a dose of mild color for those of you who are usually on the all-black aesthetic, and you already know that this coat is as comfy as it is stylish. The faux shearling material gives you all the warmth, while staying ethically sound. Vegan, but make it fashion is the key to this coat, and the long length creates a cozy, blanket-like shell around your body, keeping you warm during the most drastic of NYC winter snow storms. The tie-around belt allows you to create a more fitted, flattering figure, so you can stay chic in the chill.


The Matrix Effect



Erma Trench



I feel like leather trenches are not given enough credit. They’re sleek, contemporary, and always find a way to give even the most delicate of outfits an iconoclastic edge. If you’re in a styling conundrum with your leather coats, then try this one from LAMARQUE on for size. This ultra-sleek leather trench may seem thin in demeanor, but will definitely keep you warm during the winter season. It has a textured, vintage finish to it, giving them a cool worn-in style. The knee-hitting length gives this coat a sleeker, Matrix-esque effect, making it a style that will stick for years to come.


Hot Stuff



Collarless Loro Piana Wool Coat, Size 6 - Red



The fiery red hue of this collarless coat is the obvious star of the show. While most people go dark-toned for the winter, this coat goes bright and vibrant with its saturated hue. This above the knee coat is a fun play on the average wool coat, and strays far from the ordinary: hidden button snaps, a modest scooped collar, and large pockets all tie together to make an intriguing number to slip into this chilly season.


Can’t Be Tamed



Marvin Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat, Size Small - Brown



When it comes to my cold season style, nothing is more necessary than a lively cheetah-print coat. It’s a timeless piece that always stays true to it’s glamorous roots, and seems to give me an Elizabeth Taylor circa 1970’s vibe. But, unlike the cheetah-print coats of the past, this Nili Lotan coat is completely crafted out of faux fur, making it the perfect wintertime outerwear even the strictest fashion vegan can enjoy. Whether you’re headed to a sophisticated gala, or just heading to the family dinner table, everyone will appreciate the luxurious style of this coat.


A Winter Essential



Amy Double Breasted Wool Coat, Size X-Small - Grey



This coat from Trina Turk embodies the perfect fusion of modern style and evergreen sophistication. The subtle plaid style paired with the double front buttons creates a sleek, elegant design that’s perfect for your everyday commute. This coat hits just over the knee, creating a modest, but still flattering look that’s fit for any winter occasion.





Concord Faux Fur Coat - Pink



This has to be one of my favorite coats on the list. The faux fur slightly resembles the shorter teddy coats that are on the rise as of lately, and the blush pink tone is a fun way to add some color into your winter wardrobe. This coat has an ultra-loose fit and is long in demeanor, allowing you to wear your chunkiest of knit sweaters at ease in it.


The Original, Reworked



Calla Downcoat



Ok, I know I went on a tangent about puffy coats, but this Mackage coat is no average puffer. Unlike it’s more obscene counterparts, this coat is filled with a down feather material that will keep you cozy, but still stays slim and figure-forming in fit. Instead of leaving you as a walking bubble, it actually forms to your body to create a gorgeous silhouette. The black feather down is paired with a cozy fox fur. It’s slightly shorter in height in comparison to the rest of these coats, hitting at the mid-thigh. But, you’ll be so warm that you won’t even notice the difference.

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