Today is International Women’s Day, and sometimes on a day like today, it’s hard to know how to take action when you’re sitting at your desk at work. But aside from giving the gals in your life hugs (or Instagram shout-outs!), these are some ways to stay informed and to stay engaged — and sometimes it’s as easy as treating yourself to a new shade of lipstick.

From Refinery29, 10 Beauty Products You Can Buy to Support Women

Makeup can absolutely be a power move — from the red lipstick you wear before a big meeting to the many female-owned cosmetics companies changing the industry. Refinery29 rounded up the best beauty products you can buy to support women, like Urban Decay’s Outspoken Vice Lipstick, with 100% of the sales on International Women’s Day supporting The UltraViolet Edge, the company’s initiative to raise $2 million for women’s rights.

Vans Opens 100 Female Skate Clinics Around the World

Launching today, March 8, for International Women’s Day, Vans is launching its global “This Is Off The Wall” campaign. Over 100 skateboarding clinics will be hosted in major cities around the world, from Brooklyn to St. Petersburg, Bangalore to São Paolo. The clinics are for skaters of all levels, and they hope to inspire a new wave of women’s skateboarding. Check out the list of clinics here.

“There is a lot to fight for: Engage! Women and men alike.”

The New York Times wrote about the “sense of urgency and determination” that women around the world greeted International Women’s Day with. From a demonstration for women’s rights in Bilbao, Spain, where feminist groups were asking women to spend no money and ignore chores to highlight gender inequality to the women who took to the streets in Manila in protest of President Rodrigo Duterte, this article is a great roundup to learn more about what’s happening in women’s rights movements outside of the U.S.

The First Woman to Design an Arcade Game

Over at Girlboss, the story of Dona Bailey, the first woman to design an arcade game, is told. It was 1980, and Dona was a computer programmer at General Motors. She’s the co-creator of the iconic game Centipede, and due in part to nasty rumors that she didn’t actually have a hand in creating the game, she disappeared from the video game world for three decades. It’s been confirmed, however, that she’s working on a screenplay about her time at Atari. Read the rest here!

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