As soon as Yaeji rapped  “When the sweaty walls are bangin’ / I don’t fuck with family planning” in her new video “Raingurl,” I knew what song I would be walking down cold New York streets listening to for the next few months.

Yaeji aka Kathy Yaeji Lee is a 24-year-old part house, part hip hop producer based in Brooklyn who makes hypnotic (and relatable) dance music. The video for “raingurl” looks like Blade Runner meets the club, and it’s the sort of video you want to watch over and over. She switches seamlessly between Korean and English in her songs, and I’m not sure I’ve encountered another song that captures so precisely the feeling of being inside your own head in a sweaty club.

“Raingurl” soundtracks that moment when you all of a sudden become very aware of the way you’re shuffling your feet and the drink someone spilled on you and the fact that you’re growing older but also still feel so young, and, wait a minute, “Rake It Up” just came on.

Watch the video below, and if you’re so inclined, order Yaeji’s Raingurl zine.

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