Fashion and TMZ are currently sharing a crossover moment. Yeezy and Balenciaga both released campaigns paying humorous homage to the traditional paparazzi shots of celebrities doing everyday things. Yesterday, Kim K and Kanye unleashed an army of Kim Klones, from Sarah Snyder to Paris Hilton, and today Balenciaga debuted its spring/summer 2018 collection with dramatic pap shots.

👑 #YeezySeason6 #ad

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The Yeezy campaign is already causing a bit of a scandal. The Fashion Law questioned whether the campaign might actually be illegal because Kanye’s marketing genius might have made things look a little TOO real. When the photos exploded on Instagram Tuesday, the hashtag #YeezySeason6 appeared with them. Released, of course, by Kanye, to look like paparazzi shots, many consumers probably won’t realize they’re part of a formal campaign. 

The Fashion Law said, “Also, the imagery does not include legally-mandated language, such as #ad, that would alert consumers to the fact that Kim K and these influencers are not merely wearing #YeezySeason6 by chance.”

I’m all for subtle, guerrilla-style marketing campaigns, but I’m also all for it being clear when someone is being paid — or somehow otherwise profiting — from a company or label. Balenciaga seems to be in the clear, considering it’s on their company Instagram and clearly labeled an ad. Their images look like old-school tabloid shots, mostly because they were shot by an actual paparazzi photographer, credited to Best Image agency. And this newsprint top? My new deadline look, thankyouverymuch.


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