Kanye West has had a busy June. His new album Ye just dropped in Jackson Hole, he’s sold $500k worth of tour merch in 30 minutes, and now his latest Yeezy campaign has arrived. After the success of his last “Kim Klone” campaign, Kanye is getting inspired by his wife’s famous curves yet again.

Kim Kardashian, or a wax figure of her, stands nude next to what appears to be Bravo’s RHOBH breakout star Erika Jayne (aka The Pretty Mess). The short brunette and the tall blonde juxtapose each other in such stark contrast, that you almost miss their shoes. The funny part being that this is actually an (NSFW) ad for the new “Super Moon” yellow Adidas Yeezy 500 sneakers.

Super Moon, indeed. Sister Kylie Jenner also bares her bum for the campaign in a provocative pose.


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Fans and critics alike on Twitter were confused by the seemingly random naked portraits. One Tweeter, @lazyboy, succinctly summed up the Internet’s feelings on the naked shots. 

In his new campaign, Kanye continues to incorporate the Kim Klone storyline for Yeezy S6. Recurring stars like the Clermont Twins and a headless Paris Hilton lookalike also make appearances in the new campaign shot by photographer Eli Russell Innetz.

And in true Kanye style, the Chicago-native rapper tweeted the rest of the campaign images, which show a variety of “normal” (and clothed) people.

Is this art, or is it just strange?

That is very much a matter of opinion. And if the Internet has anything to say about it, then Kanye’s latest attempts to promote the Yeezy line seem to really be “reaching” for attention.

Kanye forcing Kim to walk around LA in the new Yeezy collection,” joked one Twitter meme. 

Another person took a jab at Kanye for his very opinionated stance on Kim’s outfits.

The rapper has certainly earned himself a reputation for his antics—even if they do help to sell his shoes.



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