Kanye West is a busy man. Although his Twitter antics aren’t making headlines in the same way they were a couple of weeks ago, he’s still an active Tweeter. He’s also in the process of making a new album—which he’s shared on the social platform. And now, ‘Ye and the Yeezy team have dropped a ton of new merch on the brand’s website for their Spring/Summer “Season 6” collection.

The latest drop stays true to the relaxed, “Calabasas” vibe that have become a defining characteristic of the brand, especially viral paparazzi campaign. This drop features a swath of basic items like t-shirts, biker shorts, and zip-up hoodies all in earthy, muted tones like brown, black, and grey.

Fans of Yeezy have been voicing their excitement about all of Kanye’s recent news. One devoted fan even went so far as to boldly claim that Yeezy is in fact the gold standard in all areas of fashion, entertainment, and artistry.

If there is one thing Kanye is good at when it comes to fashion is consistency. His clothing, season after season, has evolved rather than jumped from trend to trend. He has certainly cultivated an identifiable “look” that people cannot get enough of. “Yeezy, breezy, beautiful,” writes one Twitter user who uploaded a photo story of her posing in Yeezys.

However, not everyone loves Yeezys. Last week, rapper Trippie Redd posted a video with friend and collaborator Kodie Shane, where he threw his Yeezy Boost 750s (which retail for $TK) over the balcony of a hotel room, screaming “F*** Yeezys”.

Apparently, the Ohio rapper later announced on his Instagram story that he was just making money moves.

“I want y’all to know that I’m a hypocrite and I’m definitely going to keep wearing Yeezys,” he said. “I just felt like throwing them bitches off the balcony, because fuck it.”

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