All You Need to Nail Your Airport Travel Look

You’ve been upgraded to first class.

There is nothing quite like the thrill of touching down in a foreign place. With a to-do list worthy of bucket list ambitions, we hope you packed appropriately, sure; but did you dress for the occasion? Who’s got time to go back to the hotel to freshen up? The open road calls and you’re only as golden as your outfit is.

Traveling necessitates comfort, function and ease. While all signs might point to those ultra-cash Lululemon yoga pants, you can bet we’re shaking our heads in disapproval. Put those back in the hamper and take a hint from street style favorite, Tiffany Hsu. Her fashion week look screams style while comfort is just a sneaker away, jet-setting between fashion week’s with ease. While TSA still makes you remove your belt, jacket and shoes, Tiffany’s got the remedy to your pre-vacay woes: a sweater (what jacket?!), black pants (more dynamic than jeans), sunglasses (to hide the messy makeup or lack of) and sneakers (for an easy 1-2, slip).

You’ll want to get an oversized bomber, anything to keep you warm while coasting at 20,000 feet in the air. \When pairing top and bottom here, keep the color references subtle but in the same ballpark. The sass lies with the glasses, leave those round-framed hippie glasses at home and turn up at the edges with a little cat eye fun. Who said looking cute at the airport was only for those flying first class, up in the sky? Cue Fergie, she’s got company.


The Last Lolita sunglasses



Binder Clip leather shoulder bag



Air Max 97 leather sneakers



Convertible Two-tone Wool Sweater - Off-white

695$ $348


Camouflage-print slim-leg trousers cargo trousers



Salsa Deluxe 29-Inch Multiwheel Packing Case -



Travel Set



Canvas Belt - Yellow



X Reebok Edition Classic glitter socks

104$ $52

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