Your Favorite Brands & How They Are Dealing With COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected every single one of us. No matter what industry you’re in, no matter where you live or who you are—this new pandemic has changed the course of our current and future lives. 


We don’t want to take away from the other industries that are being affected right now, but because we work and write about fashion, it’s what we know how to talk about best. And COVID-19 has affected us hard. 


According to a study taken by Forbes, 40 billion euros are estimated as the loss for luxury items, the lowest it’s been since 2015. That’s more than enough to feed/build/learn/travel… you name it, multiple times over.


But what are the pros, if any, to recover or change the way we think about fashion? Your favorite brands are remaining positive and are hopeful that with the help of their communities, they can change the industry so that when this sickness passes, we are stronger than before. 


With the amount of resources being used everyday at hospitals, designers like Collina Strada and Christine Alcalay have been using their excess fabric scraps to make masks to send to different hospitals and help out the Masks4Medicine charity. Other brands like Nicole Saldana, Labucq, and DusenDusen have been donating proceeds of their sales to hospitals and non-profits around the world. It is safe to say that every bit helps. 


NYC favorite brand Nicole Saldana just launched her spring collection and in her most recent Instagram posts she says that throughout March and April, she’ll be directing 15% of sales to local NYC based communities who have been impacted by the virus. She even says you can DM her with your favorite charity and she’ll make sure they get the help they need. 


Lauren Bucquet founder of the brand Labucq is no stranger to talking about about her mission to make the planet a more kind place. This month, she’s donating 10% from all sales to two Milan-based hospitals. 


DusenDusen has been a favorite brand amongst people everywhere. She’s doing her part to help by donating 10% of sales will to @maketheroadny, an organization that helps immigrant families, many of whom are ineligible for federal aid or a stimulus bill. 


We can only hope that more of our favorite brands follow suit!


While most brands haven’t decided what their futures are yet, one can see a rise in percentages off just to make ends meet since most stores are closed. If you can support your favorite brands, you should. Here’s a simple way how:


  1. If you have money to give, purchase something

2. If you aren’t interested in buying anything at the moment, buy a gift card for later use for you or a loved one


3. Spread the love—if you don’t have any money to spend right now, engage on instagram by giving them a shout out, sharing their brand with your squad and sign up for their newsletter


In these uncertain times, the most important thing we can do is support each other and make each other feel like this isn’t the end, it’s just a different beginning. 



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