We are, too, and we’ve got the 411 on easy (but still original!) costumes

When you want to make Halloween truly spooky, wait until the last minute to put your Halloween costume together. You end up, if you’re anything like me, a) in an incredibly long line at a Halloween store with people continually pushing into you b) going through your closet saying you’re going to be The Nanny, but in reality ending up wearing a short pink dress and a black wig that keeps falling off or c) resolutely saying “I’m NOT dressing up this year!” Despair no more. We’ve got you covered with five costumes that require minimal trips to the store — and take no more time to throw together than the night before Halloween.

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

This one is your golden ticket. It’s a choice done relatively often, yes, but still feels like a fun choice. It’s also a costume with plenty of opportunities to make cocaine references! All you need is a white, button-up dress shirt, black culottes, and a black, bobbed wig. The wig will be the trickiest part — everything else is closet essentials.

Sandy (Bad-Girl Version) from Grease

Gurl, you’re BAD! And let’s be real, you want your crush that might be at your friend’s party to know it. To be bad-girl Sandy from Grease, all you need is to look in the going-out wear part of your closet. Black crop top? Check. Black cigarette jeans? Double check. Red heels? Maybe not a check, but very easy to procure cheaply from costume shops, Payless, etc. Flip your hair over and tease it, and you’re good. to. go.

Be #Relevant, Be a Meme, Be Salt Bae

Months later, the Salt Bae meme STILL goes. This costume idea, courtesy of Refinery29, is effortless and witty; all you need: circular sunglasses, a white t-shirt and black pants. Go the extra mile and carry around salt to sprinkle.

Romy White and Michele Weinberger from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

You and your bff (or roommate, or coworker, or boyfriend — whoever) both forgot to get your costumes ready? Have we the dynamic duo for you. Romy and Michele are perfect and VERY fun costumes to sport. This might require a trip to a thrift store for those late ‘90s pink and blue babydoll dresses, but that’s a trip worth making anyhow. (Plus they’ll pull double-duty as going-out dresses after Halloween.) Depending on your hair color, blonde wigs might be necessary for this one.

Cardi B

Honestly, I would love an excuse to dress up as Cardi any damn day. You might need a platinum blonde or black bob wig, and the wardrobe part is flexible. To channel “Bodak Yellow,” iron an anarchist symbol on an old dress, and belt it with a studded belt — Hot Topic is great for either of these. Or you can just wear a red pantsuit or any other baller outfit. Now, you have an excuse to go around yelling “THESE EXPENSIVE, THESE IS RED BOTTOMS, THESE IS BLOODY SHOES”

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