Sixty-four fashion companies, including Target, Asos, Zara and luxury group Kering, have committed to enacting more sustainable practices in their companies by 2020. Each company created and submitted their own goals for “sustainable design, garment collection, repurposing and the use of recycled textiles by 2020,” Women’s Wear Daily reported.

The Global Fashion Alliance made recommendations for each target, and the company will be required to report their progress yearly. The level of involvement varies per company. Adidas committed to increasing its collection of used clothing, and Kering, which owns labels like Gucci and Balenciaga, is focused on developing more sustainable technologies.

From Climate Action:

The pledges address 4 areas: design for circularity, increasing the volume of used garments collected, increasing the volume of used garments resold, and increasing the garments made from recycled post-consumer textile fibres.

Considering that fashion is one of the most wasteful industries, this is a small but sure step in the right direction.


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