How To Shop For Beauty Products Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Lean into your zodiac sign to bring out your best traitsfor inner and outer beauty.


It’s safe to say that a ton of big beauty brands are whipping out astrology-inspired collections nowadays, as horoscope-inspired eyeshadow palettes, soaps, and even fragrances are definitely setting the industry ablaze. However, if you’ve always been a tad bit curious in finding out how to select the perfect beauty products (we’re talking face masks, essential oils, and more) based on your very own zodiac sign, we consulted top astrologers to answer this burning question once and for all. Here are the products (and not to mention buying tips) they recommend for all twelve signs of the zodiac.


Those born under the sign of the ram tend to be competitive and energetic, two personality traits which will definitely lead them to try new beauty products according to husband and wife astrologers Monte Farber and Amy Zerner. And being that Aries tends to have a flair for variety, it may be wise for them to try a pack of different facial masks in order to defeat beauty beauty boredom, and address a variety of skin concerns in the process.

“Different nourishing facial masks are perfect for Aries as it rules the face and head, and calms you down for a minute,” says Farber and Zerner. “It takes a fast-acting mask to keep up with your speed.”

Aries also tends to be a speedy and fast-moving sign, which leads astrologers like Kristin West to feel that rams will also be drawn to beauty flash sales and special auction sites in order scoop up the best deals possible. She says tracking these game-changing deals through apps (like WISH) is the way to go for Aries.


Earthy Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, making them natural beauty junkies at heart. However, beauty-obsessed Tauruses may tend to spend a little too much on the latest and greatest beauty releases, which is why Kristin West feels they should scale back on the unnecessary makeup shopping sprees and take advantage of rewards programs.

“Taurus needs to keep their beauty shopping in check, so they need to plan weekend excursions to places like Ulta or Sephora with coupons in hand,” explains West. “You may also want to join a rewards program through these retailers too.”

Despite having a flair for beauty, Taureans also can be quite stubborn, which also makes them resistant to change even in terms of their strict beauty routines. To shake things up, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber recommend making small changes (think adding a new makeup or skin care product) in your daily routine in order to help Tauruses get out of their rigid beauty comfort zone.


Geminis are the twins of the zodiac, giving this sign the reputation of having dual natures. To speak this never ending duality, Zerner and Farber recommend Geminis search for double-duty products which can help address a variety of beauty concerns.

“You long to capture the perfect prize that eludes your grasp: a product that has perfect dual functions and works for both day and night, cheeks and lips, two functions in one,” Zerner and Farber suggest.


The crabs of the zodiac tend to form a response to the vibrations of color, making the colors and designs of beauty products super important to this sign according to Zerner and Farber. They also recommend selecting cruelty-free products made with marine-based ingredients, as pearl in particular, can help brighten sallow and dull skin.

Emotional cancers also love being at home, which makes them the perfect candidates for DIY beauty products according to Kristin West. She recommends Cancers should try their hand in making homemade soaps and scrubs in order to put their creativity to the ultimate test.


Fiery Leos are all about the spotlight, making them one to want the royal treatment when shopping for beauty buys. To get the care and attention this sign loves, West recommends seeking out the help of a beauty concierge in order to find the right products.

“A personal beauty concierge will give Leos the time and attention they need,” West explains.  Sitting down at the department store counter with someone personally attending to their every need will suit them just fine.”

Glamorous Leos are also about shine and sparkle, which is why Zerner and Farber recommend investing in highlighter makeup products to help achieve a dazzling glow.  

“You definitely may be attracted to products that shimmer and glow,” they suggest. ““You love to be on parade and are always ready for showtime.”


Compassionate and earthy Virgos tend to be the perfectionists of the zodiac, making them super selective about ingredients inside the beauty products they choose. This caution and concern makes them drawn to organic and herbal ingredients according to West, as Virgos have keen mental perception, making them skeptical about gimmicky ingredients inside products.

Zerner and Farber also suggest that Virgos also don’t buy products on a whim, as they always thoroughly research products and compare prices. They recommend shopping online for products to get the best deal, as well as taking advantage of coupon codes at checkout.


Like Virgos, Libras also tend to be drawn to ethical beauty products, as this sign tends to have a strong moral code. Zerner and Farber recommend selecting eco-conscious or fair trade beauty buys to help honor Libra’s strong sense of justice.

West says that Libras also tend to be a very friendly and social sign, making them definitely the ones who will check out beauty deals with friends via Groupon and Livingsocial.

“Your Libra friend is already on Groupon trying to plan your next adventure together, which is why this friendly sign might want to check out the beauty steals on those sites.  Libra is social and all about relationships, which is why getting you both some great products at great prices appeals to them.”


Scorpios are busy unraveling the mysteries of life and death, making them the ones who don’t  usually splurge on beauty buys according to West. However, that’s not to say that this passionate sign will pull out all the stops, especially if they are seducing someone.

“They want to seduce and be seduced, so Scorpios tend to buy their beauty products in person and want to do some harmless flirtation all the way to the checkout line,” says West.

Zerner and Farber also suggest that Scorpions are ultra passionate, which can be useful in selecting beauty buys. They recommend Scorpions to use their heart as opposed to their head next time they go beauty shopping.


Sagittarians tend to have a taste for travel, which may lead them to select exotic beauty products from far away lands. West recommends visiting ethnic groceries and pharmacies to help find those ultra rare and exotic beauty buys Sagittarius craves.

“Take an afternoon and explore the beauty offerings of ethnic grocers and pharmacies,” she says. “Try that sheet mask from South Korea, or buy some henna to cover your roots.”

Sagittarius are also dictated by their fervor for nature, making them drawn to outdoorsy beauty buys according to Zerner and Farber. They recommend looking for versatile products that are waterproof or mineral based to wear when exploring the great outdoors.


Logical Capricorn may not have the time or energy to always invest in the right beauty buys, making them not always quick to jump on testing out the latest trends and products. With so little time to spare, West suggests this sign should check out a monthly subscription beauty box, especially since Capricorns tend to neglect their natural beauty.

“Capricorn gets so busy with professional demands that they often neglect their natural beauty,” she says. “A well-curated beauty subscription box with a good mix of tested luxury brands and some well-chosen new lines is a great way for Capricorns to get the right beauty products.”

Capricorns are also very economical which will lead them to look for the best beauty deals possible. This will allow them to see through overpriced and gimmicky beauty buys and select affordable products that are still very efficient.

“Capricorns are so economical that they will shop for the lesser-priced merchandise if they believe it will deliver the same results,” says Zerner and Farber. “Logic is an outstanding trait of the Capricorn personality.  For this reason, this sign looks for efficiency in their beauty products.”


Aquarians like to feel good about the products they are buying, which is why finding local, sustainably-sourced, or animal-friendly products is crucial according to West. She recommends looking at local fairs and farmers markets to find such products, as they will speak to the compassionate and caring nature of Aquarius.

Zerner and Farber also note that Aquarians can be ultra-modern in their outlook, which will lead them to obsess over new and cutting-edge beauty products. They recommend selecting breakthrough products that are also very detoxifying for the skin.


Pisces are the perfect pals to go beauty shopping with, especially since West says they will help give you the encouraging nudge to buy that daring shade of lipstick you have been debating for awhile. However, Pisces also has a flair for charitable buys, making them one to select product lines that donate to an honorable cause.

In addition, those born under this sign are also natural dreamers, and can be impractically romantic when it comes to beauty according to Zerner and Farber. To select the right beauty products, they recommend Pisces to use their inner intuitional love and select an eye palette filled with colors of the rainbow.

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