Bradley Cooper Wants To Remind You To Wear Your Sunscreen

Tell me, how do you lather on your sunscreen? Do you opt for a light spritz of an aerosol SPF 4 tanning oil (very wrong on many levels), or do you marinate your entire body in a thick, white layer of SPF 50+? If you’re the latter, then congratulations, you’re in the same camp as our favorite A Star Is Born leading man: Bradley Cooper.

In what seemed like the most chaotic celebrity summer getaway party, Daily Mail reports that Cooper was surrounded by the likes of Katy Perry (who he quite literally saved from the shallows during a dinghy fiasco), Oprah, Edward Enninful, and more during his Italian vacation. And, as one does as they’re partying the day away with Hollywood’s elite, Cooper kept himself safe from the sun’s harsh UV rays in the most preventative way possible: a thick lather across his nose of what can only be assumed as SPF 100.


Whether this move was to cement his transformation into a full-fledged dad-esthetic, or he just really doesn’t want to get a sunburn, we can’t say that Cooper’s sunscreen application technique is not exactly necessary. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you only need about an ounce (think a shot glass) of SPF 30 sunscreen for your entire body — but, whatever floats your boat, Bradley.


Now, can we get Bradley’s full skincare routine already?

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