Cardi B and J.Lo Burn Money and Grill Ribs In New Video “Dinero”

J.Lo’s new video with Cardi B, in the style of SNL’s Stefon character, has everything: a Jersey Mike’s sub, an ostrich on a leash, and J.Lo grilling in lingerie with a jeweled Slurpee in one hand and burning meat in the other. And the best part? J.Lo and collaborator Cardi B reading each other’s profiles in the Time 100 roundup.

The video starts off with “another one” and DJ Khaled talking about money and cash flow. The video is directed by Joseph Kahn, director of pop music video hits from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, The Pussycat Dolls, and many more. In response to an obnoxious red carpet presenter at the Billboard Music Awards who insinuated that Cardi’s popularity came from nowhere, Lopez came to her defense.

“I think she’s been grinding away for a while,” Lopez said. “Things like that don’t happen overnight. She is a hard worker and from working with her, I know that. She knows who she is and she is unabashedly herself. People love that. They love authenticity That’s what I loved about her.”

The video is a pretty funny spin on that lavish lifestyle, from Lopez walking her pet ostrich to playing poker with shirtless babes. “Dinero” was dropped on May 17, marking Lopez’s third new song of the year after “El Anillo” and “Se Acabó El Amor,” featuring Abraham Mateo and Yandel.

It seems like each summer J.Lo knows we need a totally over-the-top, fun beach jam, and she serves it up again with “Dinero.” In 2014, it was “I Luh Ya Papi,” featuring the singer’s tradition of being surrounded by almost nude men on a yacht. This most recent summer banger has a New York flavor brought by Cardi particularly. “Two bad bitches that came from the Bronx, Cardi from the pole J.Lo from the block,” Cardi raps. Also, the slightly more NSFW, “I got the box that got the most flavor, big fat cat like in the bodegas.” (And now you’ll never look at bodega cats in quite the same way again.)

Watch the video below:


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