CBD/THC Based Products We Love

I know I’m definitely not the first person to say thank God for CBD/THC products because those have really been helping me get through this quarantine. Because CBD is now legal, it’s safe to assume that everyone has become way more chill. 


But what are the best products to use and do they even work? As a very chilled out lady, I think I’ve tried every single cannabis product that the world has to offer, but it turns out I’m only an advanced user in a sea of hardcore chillers. 


When taking a poll on Instagram to see what people’s favorite products are, no two people think alike. Because it feels like most people are trying to get into the CBD industry, how do you tell what product works the best? I think it’s all about trial and error and writing down what problems you are trying to target.


Since I’m no doctor, I can only tell you what products I’ve been into and when I choose to smoke weed, I like it to make me feel calm and like my sense of humor has been elevated by 100x. 


Since the rise of CBD based products, you can pretty much acquire them anywhere. But it’s important to know that some are higher grade and some are lower so it’s best that you splurge on something that will make you feel good and has a lot of info about it as opposed to an off brand product that has little research done about it. 


CBD/THC has become fun to use in every single way. From lube to lipgloss to hemp sandals, you can’t go wrong. Just remember, use wisely…



Cannabooster Reboot 20ml



Brightening Night Cream 50ml



Short Sleeve Vacation Shirt in Organic Hemp Cotton-Pink





High CBD Formula Tinctures



Hemp Salve, 1.76 oz./ 50 mL



Haoma / Recovery Night Cream



The Hemp Tee in Beige



The Sunshine Series™ Seven-Pack Reusable Organic Cotton and Hemp Produce Bags



Fine Hair Shampoo 300ml


Floyd’s of Leadville

Raspberry CBD Gem Bottle



Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Brain Dings

500mg CBD Oil



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