Sounds COOL(S): Songs To Save You From A Summer Spiral

You’re over your Spotify mixes, YouTube playlists are becoming repetitive, and wading through your muso friend’s ever-pretentious song suggestions is less appealing than listening to Nickelback’s “Photograph” on repeat for the rest of time. We get it. To relieve your decision fatigue, we’ve asked the hottest rising artists to compile their favorite tracks of the minute.


Here, Claudia Bouvette shares only songs you need next time you’re off the deep end.


1. Emmett Kai,  “Juicy”



That song just sets the perfect tone for a sexy hot summer night with friends. It automatically puts me in the vibe for a fresh beer.



2. Charlotte Day Wilson, “Work”



This one is the perfect one for a cozy lover night, walking outside with a pink sunset in the background. On repeat, please.



3. Niki and the Dove, “Play It On My Radio”



This is the perfect one for little escapes in my van during the summer. Road trip vibes, windows down, enjoying the moment.



4. Bon Iver, “22 (Over Soon)”



I don’t cry oftenI’d even say very rarelybut this song has something that makes the tears come straight up. It has that liberation meaning to me; a rebirth of the soul.



5. Whitney, “No Woman”



This one is for the next morning. It has the perfect melody and vocals to recover. A little coffee on a sunny balcony, thinking about the crazy things we did last night.



6. Milk N Bone, “Peaches”



This song is perfect to get the night started. It sets the tone for an epic dancing night, full of adventures, ending on a stranger’s rooftop at 5 a.m.



7. Sophia Bel, “In My Mind”



That one puts me right back at 16 years old—feeling myself at 100%, not thinking of consequences.



8. James Blake, “Barefoot in the Park”


That’s for the sunny afternoons in Montreal, hanging from one park to another, starting with coffee, ending with a fresh white beer. That’s probably my favorite thing of all.



9. Connan Mockasin, “Last Night”


Such a vibeeeee! It just makes me want to live in the ’70s for a night. I love everything from those years.



10. Sufjan Stevens, “Mystery of Love”



I’ve always loved Sufjan Stevens, but when I saw Call Me By Your Name, it went to another level. This song is incredible. Eating a peach has never been so sexy.


Check out Claudia Bouvette, below.


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