Space Intro: Finding & Creating It

After hearing from Geremy and Adrian, I began to understand where exactly I was situated in the narrative of my own POC awakening. Burgeoning on understanding, a fledgling who has mistaken arms for wings, I realized empathy could be cultivated by listening and heeding the honest experience of others was a compass that would never fail to guide me home. In the next installment of the Culture, Space, Community Series, we turn to the creation of Space for marginalized POC’s by marginalized POC’s. Here we hear from DeVonn Francis, a queer, first-generation Jamaican who founded Yardy NYC, a food events company whose ethos is rooted in the making of exquisite food, social justice and ethical practice; and DeSe Escobar, a first generation, transgender Filipino artist who is the host of Club Glam, a monthly party that doubles as a “safe space for sisters” to come together. In understanding their stories, we are exposed to their struggles, traumas and subsequent victories as they pave the way for fellow POC’s and marginalized individuals to thrive in creative spaces.
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