Editorial Director

Based in NYC

COOLS is seeking an Editorial Director to oversee the Content team’s generation of excellent day-to-day experiences for our consumers and other audiences of our website. This person has their finger on the pulse of fashion and current affairs to ensure that our content is relevant, relatable and on voice with COOLS’ identity. Here’s what you’ll do…

Primary Responsibilities:

Develop, implement and oversee an integrated content strategy that encompasses channel selection and focus, editorial governance, and metrics to be applied and aligned with the business’s overall objectives.

Oversee the development and management of the business’ brand standards and content style guides, and make editorial decisions that ensure the company’s core identity is being expressed in all content and business narratives.

Create an editorial structure within the content department to ensure that all content across the business is integrated and aligned to support business objectives.

Work with content department to utilize all production means, including videos, in order to ensure optimal delivery of content to target audiences across multiple channels, including emails and social media.

Enable structured content creation capabilities through the implementation of models and processes for sourcing information, analyzing, and creating content.

Design and implement measurement systems that actively measure, manage, optimize and communicate the performance of the content put out by the business against the business’s operational objectives and strategies.

Conduct research on the competitive environment and gather market data for the business. Use the results to come up with well-informed topics and themes for content creation.

Advise any other departments by offering strategic counsel in their content planning, development, and overall strategies for key events and projects, inclusive of key initiatives. 

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

Candidates should have at least seven years’ experience working in a senior level position in the field of communications, preferably as a Senior Content Editor or Senior Content Marketer. You must have experience managing and leading a team, and be a highly relatable individual with the ability to engage easily with people and build strong and long lasting relationships- especially with key individuals such as media personnel, senior executives and companies’ stakeholders, research partners, and consumers. Here’s what else you need . . .

Master’s or Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, Business Administration, English or another related field.

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

Strong ability to engage and persuade varying audiences on a wide variety of topics.

Ability to clearly and concisely explain and present complex business strategies and technical topics and create verbally and visually engaging content, reports, and presentations.

Exceptional collaboration skills.

Strong leadership skills.

Time conscious and able to finalize projects within given time-frames.

Exceptional organization, prioritizing and multitasking skills.

Strong analytical skills with experience in research and analysis of business related content.

Digitally savvy.

Must be highly knowledgeable on the best social media practices and the workings and navigation of key social media platforms and the competitive and regulatory landscapes of each of those platforms.

Excellent skills in MS Word and PowerPoint / Keynote, and proficient in software which will aid in the creation of high-quality and engaging content, including InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Avid, and Photoshop.

A little about COOLS:

We are an online shopping platform for the curious, cultured and creative. Our mission is to be a daily destination for relevant and engaging content, while providing our audience with a premier, filtered shopping experience. COOLS is a platform for reporting and musing on the vast world of style through the lens of downtown New York City. A raw and distinct voice in style and culture, COOLS lives in the space between the practical and the provocative to deliver a one stop destination for incomparable inspiration.

To apply, please send resume and portfolio to [email protected].