Everlane Takes on Plastic Pollution With “ReNew” Collection

Plastic…it’s not so fantastic. Mass produced plastics are one of the biggest pollutants of our time, plugging up everything from oceans to beaches while killing off marine wild life. Traces of less visible micro-plastics have smuggled their way into household items like table salt and, ironically, bottled water. Few brands acknowledge this fact in the way that Everlane has done. The eco-friendly, San Francisco-based brand is taking a stand against plastic pollution by integrating recycled bottles into a new line of outerwear available starting October 24.


Titled “ReNew,” the 13-piece line of men’s and women’s parka, puffer and fleece jackets come in a range of soft and muted colors like lavender, rose and brick. The launch also comes on the heels of another big announcement from Everlane: by 2021, the company plans to eliminate all “virgin” plastics from its supply chain and will have recycled over 100 million bottles by then.


Priced between $55 and $198, the full “ReNew” collection is available online and at the “ReNew” concept shop in New York (at 150 Wooster St.) starting October 24.

Everlane is Taking on Plastic With "ReNew" Collection

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