Elon Musk Inspired Grimes to Change Her Name

Grimes, the artist born Claire Boucher, took to Twitter yesterday to announce that she’s changing her name—and Elon Musk, her new Space X honey, was her inspiration to do so. She tweeted that she’s changing her name to “c” (lowercase and in italics), which is the symbol that represents the speed of light.

Boucher said she’s always wanted a new name, explaining that “claire has been the bane of my existence since i became sentient.” She assured fans that she will still go by her stage name Grimes. When a fan asked if Musk had influenced her, the singer responded with, “well he’s one who pointed out that working nickname actually rox and i don’t need to look further (been trying 2 change name 4ever but could find a gud 1, but my friends call me c )”

Boucher also hinted that fans can expect new music soon.  “well ideally i have both tracks in by friday night [May 18th] and then however long it takes to mix and master and set up spotify and apple music and itunes which unfortunately i think takes like 2 wks? but my work is almost done at which point it’s the machine that is responsible,” she explained on Twitter.

Boucher and Musk made their debut as a couple at this year’s Met Gala after they met, apparently, thanks to a joke that Musk had planned to tweet about artificial intelligence before discovering that Boucher had actually tweeted the joke first. (Love in 2018, y’all.) Last week, Musk revealed that his favorite Grimes songs were “Flesh Without Blood” and “Kill V Maim” off the singer’s “Art Angels” album.

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