The Queen Of Sunscreen Finds “Comfort In The Classics”

Very few moments in the day are as bare as the moment you wake up. We each have our own kinks and quirks that help us get out of bed, but few of us are brave enough to share them with the world. Introducing A Cool Morning, a deep dive into the intimate daytime rituals of our coolest friends and beauty innovators.


Let’s be real for a moment: Sunscreen wasn’t considered “cool” until brands like Supergoop! came along. Before the days of sleek packaging and fine-tuned formulations, sunscreen wasn’t something to splurge on. But, thanks to the likes of Holly Thaggard, it’s now a staple in every influencer’s #shelfie.


As the founder of one of the most popular sunscreen brands to hit the beauty market, sunscreen obviously has a big spot in Thaggard’s heart (and skincare routine), but there’s more to this woman than just SPF. Below, we talk to Thaggard about her essential morning beauty and wellness routine.



What’s the first thing you do every morning?  

“Sip on a hot water and lemon.”


Do you have a morning workout routine?

“When I’m in San Antonio, I have a daily 6 a.m. pilates session with my trainer, Richard. When I’m working in NYC, LA, or SF, I go to SoulCycle.”


Shower at-night, morning, or both?

“Both. A shower in the morning, and a bath in the evening.”


Daily alarm time? How many times do you hit snooze?

“I count on my husband—he’s also my snooze if I fall back asleep.”


If you’re running late, what’s the one thing you have to do?

“Put on Supergoop! everything.”


Favorite breakfast?

“Green celery juice, scrambled egg whites, sliced tomatoes, avocado, and freshly made pico de gallo. On the weekends, I’ll add an extra crispy multi-grain toast with cream cheese.”



Weirdest morning beauty habit?

“I splash my face with ice cold water.”


What does your morning hair-care routine look like?

“I’ve been using Olaplex No. 4 Shampoo and No. 5 conditioner—and my routine’s never complete without Oribe Detangling Mist and my Dyson hair dryer.”


How much time do you spend on your skincare routine?

“My skincare regimen stays fairly consistent, so it doesn’t take too long…I’m obviously all about a full wardrobe of Supergoop! SPF, but you’ll always find me wearing a mix of our products with a few other favorites (like Fresh’s Black Tea Kombucha Essence and Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Serum) mixed in. My current Supergoop! go-to’s are Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40, 100% Mineral Matte Screen SPF 40, and Shimmershade SPF 30.”


How long do you usually take to get ready for the day?

“It doesn’t take me too long to get ready because I have to get out the door quick. I also always find comfort in the classics…a tailored blazer, a white V-neck tee, denim, and pointy flats.”


What’s the one product you could never leave the house without putting on?

“Again, this would have to be Supergoop! SPF for sure!”


The first word/thing that popped into your head this morning?

“Did Will [our son!] ask me to wake him up early to study??”



Your favorite morning read?

“The Wall Street Journal with a side of Slack.”


What’s on your nightstand right now?  

“SPF and H2O.”


What’s the current ringtone on your alarm?

“I don’t set an alarm when I’m at home because my husband is always up well before me.”


Coffee, tea, or go-to morning drink?

“Iced coffee with one (or two!) tablespoons of half-and-half and two Stevias.”


What’s the last thing you did before you headed out the door today?

“Truth be told, I was in such a hurry that I dropped a glass BKR water bottle and it shattered to pieces!”



No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo



No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner



Run-Through Detangling Primer



Supersonic Hair Dryer



Black Tea Kombucha Antioxidant Essence


Vintner’s Daughter

Active Botanical Serum



Superscreen Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 40 PA+++



100% Mineral Smooth & Poreless Matte Screen SPF 40



Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow SPF 30



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