Justin Bieber Cut Off His Long, Blonde Hair

Justin Bieber has become very well-known for his hair. When he first started singing at age 13, it was his “swoosh-able” bangs that made fans’ hearts flutter. But over the length of Bieber’s longstanding career, his hair has taken on a life of it’s own. He’s had brown and blonde hair, dreadlocked hair, long hair (without dreads) and now, the singer has decided to do the unthinkable and cut it all off. I repeat, cut it all off.


He showed off his freshly buzzed head on Instagram stories and we promise it’s only slightly jarring.


Justin Bieber Cut His Long Blonde Locks


But Beliebers across the world are rejoicing over the return of #Buzztin, the affectionate name given to Bieber’s buzzed head. “Since buzztin is back you know, I had to make him my lock screen #BUZZTIN,” tweeted an admirer.


For reference, here is what he was working with before shearing it all off:


The Great Justin Bieber Burritogate Scandal



Bieber and his hair can, apparently, do no wrong.

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