The 10-Minute Fashion Week Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Have you barely had time to sit down this week as you inhale the remnants of a Seamless-ordered $20 avo toast between meetings, wondering at what point in January did the dream of Fit February lose its clarity? But somehow, you’ve still managed to scroll through (and memorize) the endless crop tops that have grazed this Fashion Week’s street style-clad models in spite of the intermittent hail storms that New York City has bestowed upon us. This quick, at-home workout will get your butt looking perky and your abs looking tight, toned and ready to bare all…

Do each exercise once through, repeat for 4 sets

Lifting side-lying clam shell: 15 reps each side

Lying on your side, begin with your elbow directly under your shoulder. Bend your knees and kick your feet back towards your bum (feet flexed to give a nice platform to lift from). Lift your hips up as you open your knees and thrust your hips gently forward.  Make sure as you lift your hips that your weight-bearing shoulder stays open and stable.

Clam shell hip rotation: 15 reps each side

Begin again lying on your side, this time let your head be propped up with your hand.  Keeping hips steady, you will open your top knee repeating a similar clam shell movement. Keeping the knee open, internally rotate the leg kicking your foot up to the ceiling. Lower the top knee just in front of the resting leg. Reversing the movement, kick your leg up and back, bringing your foot down to meet the resting leg’s foot (keeping the knee high); then return to beginning.

Diamond hip thrust: 15 reps

Lying on your back, bring the soles of your feet together. Your knees will be apart, but not as wide as you are flexible; make sure you are creating some tension by holding your knees in slightly. Lift your hips as high as possible and squeeze your bum! As you lower down, feel like you are squeezing your heels in towards your groin.

Penguins: 20 reps total

Lying on your back, soles of the feet on the ground. Make sure your feet are close enough to your body to touch your heels with your finger tips. Sitting up a couple inches off the ground, reach hand towards same side toes and alternate side to side.

This move contracts your obliques, which helps pull your waist in. Try to pin your belly down to your spine.

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