12 Rain-Friendly Sneakers That Will Keep Your Socks Dry

The only thing worse than wet feet are wet socks… and I’m pretty sure calling someone a wet sock is a diss. It’s almost April which means the showers are about to begin. It feels like we didn’t even have a winter and that it hasn’t stopped raining which means our feet have been cold for longer than we can even remember. 


Since working out and being able to jump around are two really important things to people these days, it’s important to have a sneaker that can help one achieve those dreams. Especially if it’s raining. 


With new technology being created through fashion pretty much everyday, the best brands have figured out ways to perfect the sneaker—making it waterproof, giving it arch support, making it look cool, and (sometimes) making it easier to lace up. You also don’t have to spend a million dollars to get the shoes that will properly support you when it’s basically Jurassic Park raining outside. 


Because we are stuck in quarantine, it feels like a good way to blow off steam is to put on your favorite playlist and go on a long run. That’ll not only help boost your mood, but it’ll also give you hope that things will get better. Since the weather is always super unpredictable, it’s important to have shoes that make you feel good and keep your little toes dry and ready to take on any type of terrain. 


Leelu Studded Sneaker



Biom Trail Gore-Tex Waterproof Running Shoe



Glady Waterproof Sneakers, Created for Macy’s Women’s Shoes



Air Max Dia Winter Ripstop Sneakers – Black



x Kenzo Minami Zig Kinetica sneakers – Black



Speedgoat 4 (Imperial Blue/Pink Peacock) Women’s Shoes



Helix lace chunky sole sneakers in black



Nylon and Suede Arthur Sneakers, Size: 41, White



Asics Gel-Pulse(TM) 11 Running Shoe



Ribbed Velvet Ankle Socks – Womens – Yellow



Keith Haring Heart Sock (Black Multi) Women’s Crew Cut Socks Shoes



Tonal Dot Cotton Blend Socks



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